Math, language, geography… There is a lot to learn at school. With Danswaaier, you also have a dance class every now and then; you learn a lot from this as well. For example about collaboration, listening to each other, different languages ​​and cultures. It is completely different from doing maths at your desk!

Based on the themes ‘Watch me dance’ (lower grades), ‘Dance languages’ (middle grades) and ‘World orientation’ (upper grades), students will be introduced to the domains dancing, creating, considering and presenting. The series of lessons is in line with the learning objectives from primary education and the development stages of the child in the various grades.

Practical information
Danswaaier is a series of lessons for grades 1 to 8. There are separate trajectories for the lower, middle and upper classes. The series of lessons takes place at school. A spacious and clean room should be available with the possibility to connect audio and a laptop. The series of lessons takes a minimum of three and a maximum of five 60-minute lessons and can be requested for lower-, middle or upper grades or separately per year. The final activity of the lesson series is a presentation.

The teachers of our first grades were very positive about Danswaaier.  The children have learned a lot and have been able to participate actively. There was great involvement and the teacher was able to captivate the children.

Marco van Veen
teacher at Oranjerie

Danswaaier theater season 2020/2021

The series of lessons can be requested from September to June. The dates on which the series of lessons take place are agreed upon by mutual agreement. The costs for a series of lessons  are  €60,- per lesson (when you request more than three lessons, the costs will be €55,- per lesson).