Young Talent Project 2022

This year the Young Talent Project, a unique collaboration between Royal Conservatoire Dance (RC) and Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT), had its tenth edition.

Young Talent Project is a twofold talent development project. On one hand, the project gives the young dance students the chance to come into contact with NDT’s working methods and to develop their talent as versatile dancers. On the other hand, the project offers the opportunity for current and former NDT dancers to gain experience as teachers, rehearsers or choreographers within a professional dance school.

Young Talent Project goes beyond just learning NDT repertoire; for three months, students are taken through the process of creating choreography at NDT every day.

In this story, you can read and see more about the role of current and former NDT dancers in this project.


– All photos by Sacha Grootjans


NDT dancer Lea Ved

NDT 1 dancer Lea Ved worked with the students of HBO 4 and the Royal Conservatoire Dance Ensemble on a completely new creation:

everywhere, falling petals

“thank you to all these young artists and Isabelle for this experience together of collaboration, question, and discovery.” – Lea Ved

Interview with Lea Ved

Former NDT dancer Jesse Callaert

Former NDT dancer Jesse Callaert, together with NDT dancer Isla Clarke, worked with the students of AVO on an excerpt of Johan Inger’s IMPASSE.

IMPASSE is created for NDT 2 in 2020 and has been performed by the company many times.

Being involved in this edition of the YTP has been extremely fulfilling. I see every student like a complex puzzle, and through working on established NDT repertoire I got to engage with those puzzles and tried to leave an imprint. Having the possibility to teach and articulate different types of movement and coaching these young dancers, provided me with feedback that wasn’t just useful the to the students, but to myself as well. I felt as though I was learning just like them.

Jesse Callaert
Jesse Callaert in rehearsal with the students. Photo: Sacha Grootjans

Former NDT dancer Parvaneh Scharafali

Former NDT dancer Parvaneh Scharafali worked with the students of HBO 3 on a new creation:

growing up in A minor


Parvaneh Scharafali rehearsing with students

Former NDT dancer Valentina Scaglia

Former NDT dancer Valentina Scaglia worked with the students of HBO 4 and the Royal Conservatoire Dance Ensemble on an excerpt of Crystal Pite’s Solo Echo.

Solo Echo has been created for NDT in 2012.

YTP is a dear and important project to me. What an intense and beautiful journey we had, both the students and me! Observing the students unfold, being honest about their choices and emotions while dancing is priceless…there is of course much room to grow, question and discover about the body, different kind of physicalities and what it means to take responsibilities and be an active but listening part of a group. ‘Solo Echo’ was a great piece to dive into all those things, discover how to trust themselves more and dance from their hearts ❤️

Valentina Scaglia in front of the students.

Want to know more about this years performances?

Have a look at the digital programme book and read more about the performances,  the ballet credits and texts from choreographers and students.

The performances took place on November 24, 25 and 26.

Watch it here