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NDT 2 presents new work by Tom Weinberger

Photo: Edwin Paree

Choreographer Tom Weinberger and the NDT 2 dancers created a new work, specially made for locations outside the traditional theater set-up. Projects like these offer us as a company new perspectives and creative discoveries. In September 2021, the premiere of Tom Weinberger’s work for NDT 2 finally became reality in the Grote Kerk in Veere. This work was danced again on Saturday October 2 during the Nederlandse Dansdagen (Dutch Dance Days) 2021 in Maastricht.

He asks us to question: who are we? What is real and what is not real? Tom has created a poignant study on the human condition. Specifically created for an alternative location, this work supports our focus to bring NDT to new and diverse audiences.

Emily Molnar
    about The Most Fascinating Problem in The World in PZC

    About the ballet

    The Most Fascinating Problem In The World is constructed to the lecture Myth of myself by philosopher Alan Watts. The performers give life to the ideas surfaced by Mr. Watts as they illustrate them with their bodies, seeking to bridge between the text and the observer. Using the musicality mannerism, humor and irony in Watts’s speech the performers offer a light and intense physical interpretation for the themes brought forward by Watts. Finding ways of expressing an ever pungent point, that all that exists is related to, and is a part of one whole cosmic weave.

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    Grote Kerk Veere. Dancers: Sophie Whittome, Kenedy Kallas, Austin Meiteen, Juiting Yu, Emmitt Cawley, Kele Roberson, Auguste Palayer, Barry Gans, Annika Verplancke. Photo: Edwin Paree


    Tom Weinberger

    Alan Watts – Myth of Myself Full Lecture Part 1 – Alan Watts Organization Official

    Francesca Caroti, Lydia Bustinduy

    Milena Twiehaus

    Tom Weinberger

    Yolanda Klompstra

    Johannes Brahms, played by Yo Yo Ma & Emanuel Ax: Cello Sonata No. 2 in F major, Op. 9: II Adagio affettuoso. Published by Sony Music B.V.
    Johan Sebastian Bach, played by Glenn Gould: Partita No. 3 in A minor, BWV 827: VI. Scherzo. Published by Sony Music B.V.
    New compositions by Matan Daskal.

    Matan Daskal

    17 September 2021, Grote Kerk Veere

    25-30 minutes

    Austin Meiteen, Auguste Palayer, Ivo Mateus, Kele Roberson, Emmitt Cawley, Barry Gans, Jui-Ting Yu, Annika Verplancke, Sophie Whittome, Kenedy Kallas

    “He realizes then
    that you are something that the whole world is doing

    just as when the sea
    has waves on it
    alright the sea the ocean is waving

    and so each one of us
    is a waving of the whole cosmos
    the entire works
    all there is

    and with each one of us
    its waving and saying
    here I am
    only it does it differently each time
    because variety is the spice of life”

    Myth of myself – Alan Watts.

    Grote Kerk Veere. Dancer: Sophie Whittome. Photo: Edwin Paree

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