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Watch the NDT livestream performances with your class!

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, NDT’s performances cannot be attended live in the theater at the moment. But we can offer you something else: livestreams! The performances danced by the dancers of NDT in Amare are filmed and streamed live. This means that you can attend live performances on a screen at home, in your own living room. A unique experience!

Especially for secondary education, NDT offers the possibility to buy tickets for the NDT livestream performances with a discount. The next performance, Traces left within, will be broadcast live from Amare in The Hague on Thursday February 3, Friday February 4 and Saturday February 5 at 8.15 pm. Don’t want to miss this livestream with your class? Request tickets by filling in the request form below. After completing the form, we will be happy to contact you. Do you have a question? Please let us know by emailing to

€10 per link (regular price €15 per link).

Tickets can be purchased on invoice, or paid with culture card credit via a CJP web order (+5% administration fee).

Request tickets
• Tickets can be requested up to 1 working day (until 12:00) prior to the premiere of the program (which is the first livestream date), by means of a fully completed application form.
• In order to be able to send the livestream links, you are asked to provide a class list in Excel per livestream date, with the first name, last name and an email address of each student (after sending the links, these data will be removed again).

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