Leave a legacy

Leave a legacy

Share the love of contemporary dance

NDT has focused on innovation, exchange, and collaboration for over sixty years. We connect and inspire people within the world of dance and beyond.

Leaving a gift is a unique opportunity to pass on the love of dance to the next generation, and to protect the future of the company. 


Why leave a legacy?

NDT continuously invests in the dance talent of tomorrow. Every year, some 150,000 people worldwide visit our performances, and we are able to reach 25,000 children, young people and young dance talents with our talent and education programmes.   

NDT is comprised of two companies: NDT 1 consists of 28 phenomenal dancers from all over the world from the age of 23. Within NDT 2, young, graduated dancers aged between 17 and 23 are prepared for NDT 1 or for a career elsewhere as a world-class dancer. NDT is therefore a creation house for diverse voices, ideas and approaches. Each season, the two companies collaborate with emerging and renowned choreographers and artists from all over the world, with talent development as a guiding principle. 

How to leave a gift

If you decide to leave a gift to NDT, you can record this in your will. These are the steps you can undertake*:

Step 1: Make an inventory of your wishes

The following questions can guide you in mapping out your wishes:  

  • Do you know who you want to name as your heir?  
  • Do you wish to leave any money or goods to any charities?  
  • What type of gift do you wish to leave: a residuary gift, a pecuniary or cash gift of a specific amount, or a named fund? A notary can advise you on the possibilities (see step 3). 

Would you like to include NDT in your will and direct your legacy towards a specific purpose? Please reach out to us so we can arrange a meeting and choose a suitable project or purpose together. This can be done in cooperation with NDT's directors. 

Step 2: Appoint an executor

An executor will handle the settlement of your estate. For example, a close friend or a notary can be an executor. If you do not appoint an executor, the settlement of your estate will be the responsibility of your heirs.  

Note: NDT cannot act as executor for the settlement of your estate. Therefore, it is important to appoint an executor.  

Step 3: Find a notary

With a notary you can discuss your wishes and compose your will. The notary will explain the legal aspects and can answer all of your questions. Subsequently, the notary will draft your will, so that you can read it at home. If you agree with how your wishes have been formulated, you can then make a follow-up appointment to sign the will.  

Information on NDT a notary may request:  

  • KVK DEN HAAG 411 50 184  
  • ANBI/RSIN 002874416   
  • VAT NR NL0028 74 416 B01  
  • Bank/IBAN number: NL27 ABNA 0628 0833 19  

NDT has a cultural ANBI status, which means your gift will not be taxed.  Click here for more information on NDT's ANBI status.  

If you do not yet have a notary, you can find one near you at www.notaris.nl. For general questions about inheritance and donations, call the notary telephone: 0900 346 93 93 (available on working days from 9am to 2pm, €0.25 p/m).  

You can also easily arrange your will online at www.nunotariaat.nl.

Step 4: Register your will

Your notary will have the signed will registered in the Central Register of Wills. This way, your will is easily accessible. You can always have your will amended if you decide you want to change it.

Step 5: Let us know

If you have included NDT in your will, please be sure to let us know. We would like to thank you appropriately and keep you informed, because we think it is very important to involve you more intensively in the company right now

*Please note that this is the procedure for leaving a gift in your will in the Netherlands. If you have a different country of residence, the steps may vary. If you are not sure where to start, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can assist you. 

Everything we do at NDT extends beyond NDT itself. The art of dance doesn’t just belong to us, it belongs to all of us.

Emily Molnar, Artistic Director


Bertan Selim

Lead development, sponsoring & partnership
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A national initiative: Nalaten aan Cultuur

NDT is one of the initiators of Nalaten aan Cultuur, a collaboration of cultural institutions in the Netherlands aiming to raise awareness of the possibility of leaving a legacy to cultural institutions. To inspire people to think about leaving a gift to arts and culture, and to inform and help them make choices that can give their legacy meaning.