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Members of Fonds Nederlands Dans Theater invest in Talent & Creation

The goal of Fonds Nederlands Dans Theater is to safeguard talent and creation, the two pillars of the company, both now and in the future. With ongoing investments in talent and creation, NDT can solidify and expand its leading position in the (inter)national world of dance. Would you like to support NDT in a substantial fashion and get to know the company, the dancers, and choreographers personally? If so, join Fonds Nederlands Dans Theater and select a project that your donation will be used for.

Projects that you can support

By joining onds Nederlands Dans Theater , you will make a contribution to specific projects in the fields of talent and creation. You will be able to let the burgeoning dance talent of the young dancers of NDT 2 and young choreographers develop their talents and to bring them into full bloom. The support of creative projects enables the ground-breaking choreographies and interdisciplinary projects of renowned dancers and a new generation of dance creators. There’s no need to choose a project. You can also choose to let your donation support all activities in the fields of talent development and creation.

It is a necessity to keep supporting places like NDT, because art is a necessity in the world today. When I see a performance like NDT in knowledge of all that is happening in the world right now, I feel that art provides a balance. It takes you out of your routine.

Medhi Walerski
Choreographer and ex-dancer of NDT 1

Choose your project

Creation | New creations

Each season, NDT presents eight to ten new creations. Renowned choreographers and relatively unknown creators of dance ensure that the repertoire and the art form remain exciting and new for the dancers as well as to the audience. This way, NDT is of, and continues to offer, immense added value to modern dance on a global level.  By contributing to these new creations, you will become involved in the artistic core of NDT.

Creation | Youth programming

NDT is currently developing an approachable program for youth, through which it can reach a younger and more diverse audience. The program consists of a yearly event at an ever-changing, unusual location that is attractive to young people. The repertoire performed is changed to suit the location, which creates a different experience of DNT’s artistic dance from the perspective of the dancers as well as the youthful audiences. Furthermore, we organize some peripheral programming based on several existing performances that appeal to this audience. Supporting this project is a wonderful opportunity, as your organization reaches this hard-to-reach target audience, it is cutting edge, and you help NDT to make the project a reality.

Talent | NDT 2

In 1978, NDT founded a junior group (NDT 2) to be a stepping stone toward becoming a member of the large company of NDT 1. During the course of three years, NDT trains sixteen recently graduated classically educated to become part of the top of the world of dance. NDT 2 dancers experience the same ingredients and challenges that NDT 1 dancers do, but at a slower pace, adjusted to their own phase of development and their physical and mental possibilities. It is a unique and internationally lauded platform for the most talented young dancers in the world. By contributing to NDT’s breeding ground, you will assist NDT to further develop and safeguard its own signature, and to keep the art of dance in a state of motion.

"The great thing about NDT is that it cultivates such great talent, and really shapes you as an artist. Here, I’m daily surrounded by dancers and choreographers that humble me and that I feel so honored and privileged to work with." - Alice Godfrey, ex-dancer NDT 1

Talent | Summer Intensive

NDT is an open community where dance art is accessible for everyone. This also applies to the NDT Summer Intensive, where (pre-)professional dancers aged 14 – 30 from all over the world work for two weeks on their artistic and personal development. A professional training that takes place in the home, atmosphere and environment of NDT. Where participants learn from the tradition, knowledge, vision and innovation and the dance art of the company. Gain insight and artistic experience by exploring different perspectives together and entering into a dialogue with each other. Facilitated by an international team of NDT dancers, choreographers, rehearsals and teachers. Participating in the NDT Summer Intensive enriches their development as a dance artist and their network in the dance world, which will benefit them throughout their career.

For NDT, every person is equal and that is why we want participation in the NDT Summer Intensive to be accessible to everyone. Where the selection process is fair and is mainly about talent and not about age and background. That a lack of financial resources should never be a reason not to audition. That is why extra attention is being paid to dancers from the southern and eastern parts of the world (Africa, South America and Southeast Asia). And we offer ten scholarships of € 4,000, which finance the course fee, costs for travel and accommodation, living expenses and housing. If you opt for this project, you will experience this project up close for two weeks.

Meet the experts: Cultural Programme

With its ten new creations each year, NDT is not just an extremely productive company but is also a knowledge platform for the development of modern dance. This is evident in the challenging performances, the different languages of dance used by the creators, the development of budding dance talents, and the educational programs aimed at young children. The cultural program that is arranged each season exclusively for Fonds Nederlands Dans Theater members is an amazing chance to thoroughly explore NDT’s art of dance. This project features talks by various experts such as dance creators, dancers, musicians, and also dance critics or the artistic director. From the perspective of their own backgrounds, utilizing their knowledge and passion, they talk about subjects that are always connected to the rehearsal of a new creation, that we will revisit afterwards with a discussion. The culture program is inspirational and will expand your knowledge of the art of dance. Each foundation member is welcome to join these sessions.

Becoming a member of Fonds Nederlands Dans Theater

It is possible to become a member from €1,500. – a year and you can decide if you would like to invest in a certain project. Naturally, we will also give you something in return. Being a member of the foundation, you will receive benefits that are appropriate to your donation. NDT arranges special activities for foundation members who live in Amsterdam and its surroundings who cannot always be present at the activities in The Hague. For example, these can consist of a dinner in the theater with a number of the dancers, the commercial and artistic directors, and there is sometimes an expansive introduction of the program.

Member options

€ 1,500

• Meet the experts: Cultural program
• Yearly accountability of expenses made with donations
• Be one of the first to order a subscription or tickets with priority for the new season in The Hague & Amsterdam
• Invitations to premiere receptions, sometimes including an exclusive dinner (at cost) before the premiere
• Attend general rehearsals (at cost)
• Invitations to special events*
• Invitations to receptions abroad
• Exclusive newsletter for NDT Foundation Members

€ 2,500

All the benefits of a € 1,500 donation plus
• You may take two guests to the cultural program

€ 5,000

All the benefits of a € 2,500 donation plus
• Once a year, you will engage in conversation in an intimate setting with a dance creator, dancer, artistic leader prior to the start of the cultural program

€ 10,000

All the benefits of a € 5,000 donation plus
• You will be sent two complimentary tickets for each program
• Together with the artistic director, you will select a specific project
• Private lunch or dinner with the NDT board of management
• Private attendance of a rehearsal (if possible), including a meet & greet with, for example, a choreographer or dancer

Fonds NDT activities

Thursday April 21, 2022 Sudden and Suspended, NDT 2 Amare, Spuiplein The Hague
Friday May 6, 2022 Dreams 360, NDT 1 Amare, Spuiplein The Hague
Tuesday May 24, 2022 Sudden and Suspended, NDT 2 ITA Grote zaal, Amsterdam
Tuesday March 8 ** Visiting rehearsals Amare, Spuiplein The Hague
GENERAL rehearsals***
Thursday May 5, 2022 Dreams 360, NDT 1 Amare, Spuiplein The Hague
Tuesday June 7, 2022 results 2021, looking forward to new season Amare, Spuiplein The Hague


*Dinner is for own account
**Exact time to be announced
***General rehearsals subject to change and at a reduced rate

Frequently asked questions

How can I join the Fonds Nederlands Dans Theater?

The easiest way to become a member of the Fonds is by signing up on our website. It is also possible to complete a donation agreement and send it to NDT. The agreement is available for download here. It is possible to make an appointment if you prefer to have an in-person conversation, in which our general director Willemijn Maas will join us if you wish. Please inquire with Barbara de Heer, Manager of Sponsoring & Fundraising, 06-158 639 50 or

How much is the minimum amount required to become a member of Fonds NDT?

1,500 euros a year for a period of five years or a one-time donation of 2,500 euros. By making a donation as a private grant agreement, you will be granted an additional tax advantage.

I wish to make a donation and be granted a tax advantage. Please tell me more.

Should you decide to enter into a five-year agreement with us, it is possible to register your donation as a private grant agreement. Periodical donations made to Fonds NDT can be used as tax deductions. You are granted additional tax advantages as you are making donations to a cultural institution. You are allowed to increase the amount you donate yearly by 25%. However, this kind of periodic donation is required to be documented as being for a minimum period of five years and must be recorded as an agreement in writing. The donation agreement is available for download here. The maximum size of the tax deduction will depend on your income and age. You can calculate your tax advantage, based on your personal situation, here.

Which benefits are granted to participants of the Fonds?

Benefits that are granted will depend on the size of your donation. Please take a look at the benefits here.

I live in Amsterdam. Are there any benefits especially offered to members of Fonds NDT | Amsterdam?

Yes. NDT arranges special activities for fonds members who live in Amsterdam or its surroundings, such as unique introductions, dinner in the theater with dancers and the management board, and post-performance drinks for each first performance at Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (ITA) or Nationale Opera & Ballet (NO&B).


If you would like to get in touch with one of our staff, please send a message to:

Would you rather have a personal meeting first? Let us know, we are happy to make an appointment!