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Digital programme book ‘The Hole’

Digital programme book

The Hole


Dear friends,

We are thrilled to welcome you to our NDT Black Box for the performance of The Hole, where our NDT 1 dancers revisit this monumental work by choreographer Ohad Naharin. The Hole, originally created for Batsheva Dance Company in 2013, was never intended to leave Tel Aviv. We are, therefore, very proud to bring this work to our audience for a second time.

The Hole demands the space be completely transformed, constructing an elevated stage in the centre, erecting walls behind the audience, and even hanging a metal grid from the ceiling on which dancers climb and from which they suspend. Naharin’s play with different perspectives borders on the cinematic in which all dimensions of the space are utilized. According to Naharin, “The Hole is a particular space with its own codes, and you are invited into it. The work is about itself, about how all its elements meet to create a collective narrative.” We invite you to immerse yourself in this unique world together with us.

A heartfelt thank you to Ohad, Ian, and Rachael, as well as our collaborators, dancers, technical and production team for their remarkable work in transforming the NDT Black Box and creating a new version of the set, and to the rest of our NDT team for their passion in realizing this inspired programme.

We hope you enjoy the evening. Thank you for being here!

Emily Molnar
Artistic Director

Photo: Rahi Rezvani

The Hole

Ohad Naharin

Photo: Rahi Rezvani

Rachael Osborne, Ian Robinson

Ennio Morricone: By The Sea, published by Shoestring music Co
Autechre: Rsdio, published by Warp records
Team Doyobi: Rephase V,  written and produced by Alexander Peverett & Christopher Gladwin, published by Skam Records
Richard Chartier: Slow End, published by Touch Music/Fairwood Music UK Ltd
Alva Noto: Halio Xerrox Copy 3 (Paris), © Edition Carsten Nicolai – Budde Music
Autechre & The Hafler Trio: AH3EO, published by Warp records
François Couperin: La Sultane: Gravement
The Hers: We Are Over The Kop, written and produced by Louis Johnstone
Angelo Badalamenti, David K. Lynch: Diner, published by Bobkind Music, Anlon-Music Co., Universal Music Corp., Universal/MCA Music Holland
Seefeel: Starethrough, written by Mark Clifford; Sarah Peacock, published by BMG Rights Management Benelux B.V. obo BMG Rights Management UK
Jus Wan: Affletic
Gevende: Akvaryum, published by Baykuş Music, Kobalt Music
Autechre: IV VV IV VV VIII, published by Warp records
Marc Ribot: Delancey Waltz, published by Strengholt Music Publishing B.V.
Maxim Waratt: Shoshana and The Pigs

Maxim Waratt

Guy Shomroni

Avi Yona Bueno (Bambi)

Zohar Shoef

Ariel Cohen

Tamako Akiyama, Francesca Caroti

Batsheva Dance Company. April 3, 2013, Varda Hall, Suzanne Dellal Centre, Tel-Aviv

February 8, 2018, Lucent Danstheater The Hague

60 minutes


Alexander Andison, Fay van Baar, Anna Bekirova, Jon Bond, Conner Bormann, Pamela Campos, Emmitt Cawley, Isla Clarke, Thalia Crymble, César Faria Fernandes, Scott Fowler, Surimu Fukushi, Boston Gallacher, Aram Hasler, Nicole Ishimaru, Chuck Jones, Genevieve O’Keeffe, Kele Roberson, Charlie Skuy, Yukino Takaura, Luca Tessarini, Lea Ved, Theophilus Veselý, Tess Voelker, Jianhui Wang, Nicole Ward

Dancers: Kele Roberson, artists NDT 1. Photo: Rahi Rezvani

Choreographer Ohad Naharin aboutThe Hole

“Dancing is about being in the moment. It is about listening to the scope of sensations and allowing that listening to become the fuel of all feelings, forms and content. Yet, we should always remember where we came from. Going back 30 years, I think of Jiří Kylián. A man whose generosity, talent, wisdom and experience have taught me and touched me in a profound way. NDT became a second home for me and my work. I love coming here, because I rarely meet such a unique combination of the highest level of production quality, extraordinary skill, creative dancers and great hospitality.

When I created The Hole, I told my team that they should prepare for a work that will never tour, will never leave our studio (where we performed it). It is too complicated production wise, I thought. NDT proved me wrong. They managed what was impossible for us. While working on The Hole with the NDT dancers, I was given a great opportunity to see it in a whole new light: being in a different space and being with hugely talented, creative and generous dancers have created a meaningful process that allows the work to grow. When I am asked what The Hole is about, my first answer is that the work is about itself; about how all its elements meet to create a collective narrative. A dance narrative, which tells a story of volume, delicacy, the use of explosive power, the research of movement, organization and structure, laughing at ourselves, dynamics, overstatements and understatements, the connection of pleasure and effort, the sublimation of each dancer’s madness, passion and fantasy into a clear form, The Hole is a particular space with its own codes and you are invited into it.”
– Ohad Naharin

Dancers about The Hole

Conner Bormann:

“Something I love about The Hole is how much space we have as performers to make our own decisions. There are so many moments of spontaneous improvisation where we fill in the time with our own physical narratives. I appreciate these moments because I’m not alone when they occur; my eyes are receiving information from those around me and I can respond to what I see in real-time. Both Ian and Rachel encourage us in their Gaga classes to observe the other people in the space and to allow ourselves to be influenced by what we see. To take what we see and mimic it, counter it, move around it, the options are endless. We feel those around us while tuning into our inner layers of sensation and imagination. This multitasking requires a calm state of mind which at times can feel like a hefty contrast to the chaos that exists in the piece. This practice of seeing and listening while being available to tap into a colorful range of physical possibilities is at the core of The Hole.”

Photo: Rahi Rezvani
Jianhui Wang:

“It’s been five years since we last performed this work. This time, I had the precious opportunity to keep doing research for the work. Even though it was five years ago, I still feel fresh and inspired by the whole rehearsal process.

It is extraordinary to perform The Hole: such an intimate space, a fantastic experience for us to be so connected to the area, the audience, and the piece. When performing The Hole by Ohad Naharin, I sense the multiple layers of my emotions, complex emotions, but very honest and generous. With all these feelings within this space, I hope the audience will also experience such a journey with us.”

Jianhui together with Thalia. Photo: Rahi Rezvani
Nicole Ward:

“Having the opportunity to explore this work feels like a dream. The Hole is a game and the task is to always listen to the ebb and flow of the players, it demands for a heightened awareness but also a generous surrendering! In its intensity it also brings huge amounts of pleasure and that is why this piece holds so much magic. Getting to exist in this world feels like the juiciest secret!”

Nicole in 'The Hole'. Photo: Rahi Rezvani
Dancers: Luca Tessarini, Jon Bond, artists NDT 1. Photo: Rahi Rezvani

Artistic staff NDT 1

Tamako Akiyama

Rehearsal director NDT 1

Francesca Caroti

Artistic advisor & rehearsal director NDT 1

Lucas Crandall

Artistic Administrator NDT 1 & Rehearsal director NDT 1


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Dancers: Nicole Ishimaru, Pamela Campos, Thalia Crymble, Yukino Takaura. Photo: Rahi Rezvani
Dancers: Yukino Takaura, César Faria Fernandes. Photo: Rahi Rezvani

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