Pamela Campos

Pamela Campos

Dance is where I find my capability to communicate; Before knowing where dance could and would take me, I just knew that movement was offering me a way to connect to my feelings, experiences, thoughts and not only making me lose myself in it but also helping me to transform them into (unspoken) words.  

For me the most powerful thing about being a dancer are those moments on stage, where we are hundreads of people in the same room with different backgrounds, expectations, even different languages but still, we find ourselves submersed in that same energy for as long as the performance goes. 

My wish is that every time I leave the stage I can leave a mark, a memory of that performance in at least one person from that public; a memory them can carry with them for the rest of their lives.  

I believe dance is an unspoken language with a magical power to connect and transform. – Pamela


Date of birth
June 14, 1996

Place of birth
Santo andré (Sao Paulo) – Brazil


Instituto de Orientacao Artistica – Jundiai (Brazil)

Professional experience
Theater und Orchester Heidelberg (2017-2018)
Nanine Linning Dance Company (2018)
Tanzkompanie Saint Gallen (2019-2022)
NDT 1 since August 2022