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Digital program book ‘The play between’

Welcome to 'The play between'

Dear audience,

Welcome to The play between, our first NDT 2 program of the season that presents world premieres by two exciting new voices to the company.

For his work Bedtime story, Nadav Zelner invites us into a world of fantasy that plays on the edges of the imagination. Through its fresh, mesmerizing, and lightning fast vocabulary, Bedtime story is a riveting embodiment of the dreamer searching within us all.

Folkå by Marcos Morau is an evocative journey that celebrates life and the ritual of transformation. This compelling work is a collective force that moves us into a mythic passage through the human psyche.

I am very grateful to Nadav and Marcos for their inspired works and the generous artistic explorations they offered. Additionally, I would like to acknowledge our collaborators and team at NDT for their incredible care and passionate effort that helped realize this program.

Thank you for joining us tonight! It is a pleasure to have you with us.

Emily Molnar
Artistic Director

'Folkå' by Marcos Morau. Dancers: ensemble NDT 2. Photo: Rahi Rezvani

Bedtime story

Dancer: Ivo Mateus. Photo: Rahi Rezvani

Lydia Bustinduy, Francesca Caroti, Ander Zabala

Andre Hajj & Ensemble: Mir; Ez-zouhour: Sidi Mansour / Baba Bahri. Courtesy of ARC Music Productions Int. Ltd.
Al Ajaleh: Bat Sheva Music.
Mohammed Abdu: Allah Alaiha, Al Rasayel & Mahma Ygolon. Courtesy of Rotana Music.

Tom Visser

Maor Zabar

Matan Onyameh

November 4 2021, Amare, The Hague

22 minutes

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Dancer: Sophie Whittome. Photo: Rahi Rezvani.

Nadav Zelner

“The small, secret moment between sleep and consciousness is the moment in which I make my dreams come true.

Recently, I return to the dreams I once had.

As a kid, I used to dream about snakes. Every morning I was surprised that I remembered them in great detail, though I did not understand why these snakes visited me in my dreams.

Even though I am afraid of snakes, every time we met in a dream they did not threaten me, I was never afraid.

Today I understand that these snakes are me facing the world and facing myself.  I am confronting my fears and following my beliefs.

Instead of running away from memory, I decided to explore it and chose to use it as an element on the dancers’ pajamas.

Music lies at the beginning of every work I create. Given the fact that I have Tunisian roots, the choice of Northern-African music was natural.

When I hear it, I feel like I am in a dream full of freedom and hope.

In this work it was important for me to give my dreams a stage, and to give the dreaming child that I once was a tangible expression.

As we get older, we tend to abandon our dreams.

We should get reacquainted with the child in us. The one who is not afraid to fall, the one who experiences life and is intrigued to discover. The one who knows that all dreams can come true.

The child in us holds the power to laugh, to get excited, and to fulfill all that its desire.”
– Nadav Zelner

Read Nadav Zelner’s biography


Dancers: ensemble NDT 2. Photo: Rahi Rezvani.

This work was created in collaboration with the dancers of NDT 2

Nuria Navarra, Shay Partush

Lydia Bustinduy, Ander Zabala

New composition & Sound design by Juan Cristobal Saavedra.
New compositions: Condividiamo La Luna & Whisper including Vocal coaching by Kim Sutherland.
The London Bulgarian Choir led by Dessislava Stefanova: Mor’f Elenku, trad.; Izgreyala Yasna Zvezda, trad. arrangement by Dessislava Stefanova; Razbolyal Se E Mlad Stoyan by Kiril Todorov.

Tom Visser

Marcos Morau

Silvia Delagneau

November 4 2021, Amare, The Hague

26 minutes

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Dancer: Ricardo Hartley III. Photo: Rahi Rezvani.

Marcos Morau

“The frenetic pace of contemporary life elicits us to stop for a moment and collect the legacy of time. Human beings, from their solitude, face the awareness of their finitude and the drama of not finding their definitive place in this world. This difficulty is in turn the gift that allows us to express ourselves and transmit our concerns from one generation to the next.

The person who leaves the cave versus the person who leaves their apartment in the 21st century is the same person that builds fictions where they do not find the answers that calm their spirit, asking themselves the same questions about life and death generation after generation. All fictions, from primitive rites to their manifestation in updated images, are developed in communion with the group.

Folklore is the expression of the customs and traditions of the peoples, it is the celebration of life and the honor of death through music, dance, symbols, legends or superstitions.

Folkå acts as a ceremony of our time that looks to the past to remind us that we continue to celebrate life, through mystical rites, here bathed in the fury of contemporaneity, where we continue to be part of an endless cycle.

Folkå is a song to life, a night of offering and celebration.”
– Marcos Morau

Read Marcos Morau’s biography

Barry on Folkå:

“This is NDT 2’s first creation process with Marcos Morau. As a company, we are very excited to be able to perform live and in person for our audience again. Throughout this past year, we have all experienced hardship, testing our resilience both as individuals and as a collective. With Marcos, this idea of shared experience was explored through his unique and complex movement style.

This piece speaks to group mentality as a way to cope with the world we live in. The joy, pain, sadness, and love we feel becomes a shared experience as we connect through commonalities and ritual. Folkå is an interpretation, an experience, a lens through which to view humanity.“

Samuel on Bedtime story:

“Sharing the studio with Nadav has been a rollercoaster ride. From moment one, we were challenged by the relentless speed of the choreography and the extreme richness of qualities and textures that exist within it. But Nadav’s casual approach to intention and imagery, that are at the origin of every movement, progressively guided us towards the eye of the storm, where calmness is at the centre of it all.

Nadav’s eclectic and unique choreographic language is tethered to his heightened sense of musicality, and he seamlessly connects these two elements with his masterful storytelling skills. His energy, generosity and humour are infectious, and I am happy to see these traits reflect back both in the studio and on stage. I am grateful to have been invited to dance through these imaginary worlds of creation and inspiration. Toda <3”

Samuel together with Sophie in 'Bedtime story' by Nadav Zelner. Photo: Rahi Rezvani.

Annika on Bedtime story:

“Working with Nadav has been a wonderfully demanding, fulfilling, and exuberant experience. Nadav’s nifty perception of musicality and profound passion for movement have made for a light-hearted and inexhaustibly stimulating space with connection, love, and pure joy at its heart.

An overwhelming abundance of distinct fantasies or stories are what drive Nadav’s choreography. Each movement represents a rich fantasy of its own. In Bedroom story, Nadav insists we do not dance but merely try to live as authentically and intimately in these stories. Although challenging given the speed at which we are asked to switch from one story to the next, Nadav’s trust in our ability to get lost in his fantasies in our own unique ways have made this challenge an explorative and gratifying one.”

Nick on Folkå:

“Working with Marcos Morau has definitely been a creative challenge and a very specific atmosphere to live in. The behavior of the work feels for me the space we create is spiky, splintery, and spiny. I enjoy the fragility and the possessiveness that takes over my body inside of the language we communicate with. Marcos mentioned to me he wanted to connect the human sense of coming back to tradition. Something folky, inspired by the past. Trying to melt the future with the past as well. Music, drums, earths, bells, voices but with one step more. Also inspired by Africa, South America, Russia, Bulgaria inside of the mashed up soundscape. There are scenes where there is a magic we are connecting with even if we don’t know what exact power that is centrally located in us. A communion between many bodies doused in rituals with mystic dark side of the being. Illogical patterns, a tonic transmission, and a preservation of the individual.”

Nick together with Annika in 'Folkå'. Photo: Rahi Rezvani
'Bedtime story' by Nadav Zelner. Dancer: Annika Verplancke. Photo: Rahi Rezvani.
'Folkå' by Marcos Morau. Dancers: Demi Bawon, Juiting Yu, Annika Verplancke, Úrsula Urgules Gonzales, Kenedy Kallas, Kele Roberson, Sophie Whittome, Ricardo Hartley III, Emmitt Cawley, Ivo Mateus, Barry Gans, Nick Daniels. Photo: Rahi Rezvani.


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