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Charlie Skuy, dancer with NDT 2: Butterfly Boy Box Brain

The talented NDT 2 dancer Charlie Skuy regularly makes his own dance films. He recently published his new work Butterfly Boy Box Brain, danced by NDT 2 colleague Auguste Palayer.

“A response to Covid isolation, an artist’s mind, the pursuit of honest creation, and butterflies. All in this little cardboard home, that is glowing within us all.”
Written and Directed by Charlie Skuy
Filmed by Linus Kropp (DOP)
Performed by Auguste Palayer


The American choreographer and dance therapist Anna Halprin recently passed away at the age of 100.

Anna Halprin (July 13, 1920) helped redefine dance in post-war America and pioneered the experimental art form known as postmodern dance. She called herself a breaker of the rules of modern dance. When she got cancer in the early 1970s, she used dance to heal herself. She then developed innovative programs and dance performances for people with cancer and AIDS.

The documentary Breath Made Visible is the first full-length documentary about the life and career of this pioneer of 20th-century American dance. The film ranges from Halprin’s early explorations of dance during her youth and her experimental performances on a stage under California redwoods to her spectacular European tours, her retirement due to illness and her triumphant comeback at the age of 80.


In this video, NDT dancers Nicole Ward, Donnie Duncan Jr. and Annika Verplancke talk more about the Switch concept and talk about their experiences and creative process during this year’s edition.

The live streams of Switch ‘ 21 will take place on Thursday 3 and Friday 4 June!

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Have you always wanted to know what music is being danced to? On Spotify we have made a playlist in which we have collected all the music from the past season 2020-2021. Relive these ballets in the list:

  • SOON by Medhi Walerski (danced by NDT 1 in the first programme of the season, Endlessly Free)
  • Four Relations by Alexaner Ekman (NDT 2 presented this ballet in their programme Dare to Say)
  • I wonder where the dreams I don’t remember go by Yoann Bourgeois, performed by NDT 1
  • From England with Love by Hofesh Shechter (which NDT 1 performed at the beginning of 2021 in their programme Shadow’s Whispers)
  • The Big Crying  by Marco Goecke (his latest creation for NDT 2, performed in Souls made apparent and We haven’t said enough)
  • Impasse by Johan Inger (danced by NDT 2 in the live streams ofWe haven’t said enough)

Listen to the playlist on Spotify


Jesse Callaert, dancer at NDT 2, was inspired to create his own podcast series, Fase II Fase. Intrigued by the idea of sitting down with friends, fellow artists and creators to have heartfelt, deep conversations, Jesse built his own frame for a podcast. For example, in the first episodes he invited choreographer Yoann Bourgeois with his partner Marie Bourgeois, and talked to former NDT dancer Sebastian Kristensen Haynes.

There are already a number of podcasts online. Recently, Jesse published his latest episode with NDT 1 dancer Lea Ved.

Listen to Jesse’s podcasts here