NDT Ambassador’s circle


Ambassador's circle

NDT’s Ambassador Circle unites passionate and influential dance enthusiasts.

The Ambassador Circle consists of inspiring individuals that are dedicated to shaping the future of NDT by sharing their knowledge and networks. Championing NDT’s belief that dance creates a powerful space for dialogue and fosters an inclusive society. Our ambassadors are committed to supporting NDT’s mission to connect people everywhere through the transformative power of dance. We are proud to welcome them into the global NDT community, as their devotion and vision help us to continuously inspire and provoke thought through our art. 

“When I think of NDT, I think of creativity, beauty and innovation. Of how NDT never fails to enchant me – and its many, many other fans – with its ever beautiful, often unexpected, sometimes almost unbelievable and always mind-blowing art.

Her Royal Highness Princess Mabel van Oranje (Human Rights Activist)

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“The Middle East has taught me that dancing can be about so much more. It is about connection, a celebration of life and always tells a story. I have danced the ‘Dabke’ in Lebanon, ‘Halparke’ in Iraqi-Kurdistan and ‘6o8’ in Tehran. I have become a different person. I can’t do without dance anymore.”

Thomas Erdbrink (Journalist and program maker)

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