H R H Princess Mabel van Oranje

H R H Princess Mabel van Oranje

Human Rights Activist

Photo: Marc de Groot

“I will never forget the first time I saw a live NDT performance – and was overwhelmed by the splendour of modern dance.An American colleague had pointed it out to me earlier: ‘Did you know that in the Netherlands you have one of the best modern dance companies in the world? Maybe even the very best?’I didn’t know.And so I didn’t know what I was missing out on.

That changed in June 2002. My dear Friso and I went to a performance of NDT 1 at Sadler’s Wells in London. I was hooked immediately. Everything I saw was magical. A feast for the eyes. A zest for the mind. A cascade of beauty.

The first two pieces, Bella Figura and Speak For Yourself, were beautiful. And then came the third and final piece of the evening: Walking Mad by Johan Inger, a dance to music by Arvo Pärt (‘Für Alina’) and Ravels ‘Bolero‘. Performed by nine incredible NDT 1 dancers. The whole performance enchanted me. The movements. The beauty. The emotions. And suddenly, tears streamed down my cheeks. I was moved to the depths of my soul.

Since then, I have seen a lot of NDT performances. Each time I am surprised and touched; regularly even overwhelmed. Sometimes I think I have become addicted to modern dance, to NDT. I try to go and see it whenever I can. And whenever possible, I take friends to NDT performances – to share and experience dance together.

When I think of NDT, I think of creativity, beauty and innovation. Of how NDT always delights me – and its many, many other fans – with its ever beautiful, often unexpected, sometimes almost unbelievable and always mind-blowing art.”