Thomas Erdbrink

Thomas Erdbrink

Journalist and programme maker

Photo: De Wereld Draait Door

“The Middle East has taught me that dance is so much more. It involves connection, celebration of life and there is always a story. I have danced the ‘Dabke’ in Lebanon, ‘Halparke’ in Iraqi-Kurdistan and ‘6o8’ in Tehran. I have become a different person. I can’t do without dancing anymore.

Sometimes we seem to have forgotten the power of dancing, though it always takes one into a different, more beautiful world, if only for a brief moment. And wherever one dances, it is a manifestation of their way of living. It makes one curious and joyous.

That’s why I like to go to NDT’s performances as often as I can. They bring the world to the Netherlands and the Netherlands to the world. Graceful, enchanting and mysterious.”