Switch ’18

NDT 1 & NDT 2

The performance in this programme has taken place in season 2017-2018. 

For Switch ‘18 the NDT 1 and NDT 2 dancers take full control and compile a unique programme of new choreographies created by themselves. In addition to the artistic content, the dancers also manage the production, fundraising and marketing efforts. The evening’s revenue is donated to a charity fund chosen by the dancers: Instituto Terra.

Being a part of Switch is a great experience for the NDT dancers because it gives us a platform to exercise other skills next to choreographing and dancing, such as producing and organizing. The evening’s proceeds are allocated to a charity of our own chosing which makes the process of creating this unique event even more rewarding. Not only can our art inspire but it can also help the less fortunate in a multitude of ways.

Chuck Jones (NDT 1)
on Switch

On Insituto Terra

From the programme booklet of Switch ’18: “For this edition of Switch, the dancers of Netherlands Dance Theatre collectively chose Instituto Terra as this year’s charity. A Brazilian organization, Instituto Terra was founded by renowned photographer Sebastiao Salgado and his partner, Lelia Deluiz Wanick Salgado. The organization works to protect the Brazilian tropical rainforest against deforestation. This year, Instituto Terra is celebrating its 20-year anniversary and all that has been accomplished in that time. Almost 7.000 hectares of rainforest have been sustainably restored. Several reforestation project have proven that, with the aid of sustainable policy, lost flora and fauna can return to their original state. To ensure that similar projects can be undertaken in the future, Instituto Terra collects and produces the seedlings of 290 different local plant species. Furthermore, the organization counts environmental education among its main priorities. Key figures in Brazilian land management, such as farmers, engineers, mayors and politicians, have received training through more than 700 educational projects. And teachers in elementary and high schools have been encouraged to promote the message of Instituto Terra to young generations. Through Switch, Netherlands Dans Theatre supports Instituto Terra to ensure that they can continue their beautiful and important mission.”

Photo: Ricardo Beliel.

Performance dates

Season 2017-2018 | January 20, 2018
The Hague

Programme order

[here] – Gregory Lau
Do you hear me smile? – Fay van Baar
thank you – Rachel McNamee
Playground – Olivier Coeffard
A Scene or A Moving Object – Olivier Coeffard & Rena Narumi
Join – Surimu Fukushi
Empathy Box – Guido Dutilh
Oh nah beh – Surimu Fukushi, Madoka Kariya, Rena Narumi, Aya Misaki, Yukino Takaura
Your name – Boston Gallacher
In tune [125.7] – Jesse Callaert
Who are they Boxed In – Thalia Crymble, Nicole Ishimaru
Fallen to ashes – Alexander Anderson
A Drop of Nelson’s Blood – Paxton Ricketts
quarter, quarter, half – Luca Tessarini

Programme booklet

Programme booklet (NDT 1 & NDT 2 | Switch)