Paxton Ricketts

Paxton Ricketts

What I enjoy most about our work is challenging myself creatively. Creativity is such a sweeping, enigmatic word. It takes on the shape and values of the person evoking it. It is something impossible to strive for. Something to reach toward without ever touching it. That is what I love about creativity. It is always there for you to be inspired and moved by, without ever fully understanding it.

Playfulness, the young cousin of creativity, is for me the ideal state in the studio. I hope to always find room for play in everything I do. Of course there are days where it is harder to tap into that. That is only natural. But if we endeavour to create an open, playful environment every day, hopefully more often than not we will find ourselves loving what we do. – Paxton


Date of birth
5 March 1994

Place of birth
Copenhagen, Denmark

Danish – Canadian

Arts Umbrella, Vancouver, Canada (2006-2014) – Under the leadership of Artemis Gordon

Professional experience
Wen Wei Dance [2013 – 2014]
NDT 2 [2014 – 2017]
NDT 1 since August 2017

Paxton in 'SOON' (2017) by Medhi Walerski. Photo: Rahi Rezvani
In 'VLADIMIR' (2018) by Hofesh Shechter. Photo: Rahi Rezvani.