NDT Summer Intensive 2022 Open Night + Presentation

Talent development

We are happy to announce that we finish the NDT Summer Intensive 2022 on August 6 with an Open Night in Amare. You are invited to come to watch the students share what they have been working on these two weeks. A varied programme of open classes, presentations, and other activities will allow you to experience the different aspects of this course.

The whole evening begins at 6.45 PM (CEST) and ends at 10.15 PM (CEST). The dancers will also show the new creations they have worked on during the Summer Intensive. Due to limited capacity in our NDT Blackbox theater, this presentation will take place twice during the evening. When purchasing a ticket, you can select which presentation you would like to attend. Regardless of your chosen presentation, you will still have the opportunity to experience all aspects of the Open Night.

Note: individuals with walking difficulties are requested to contact NDT before purchasing a ticket. Please email us at summerintensive@ndt.nl.

Program: Open Night NDT SI 2022
Time: 6.45 PM – 10.15 PM (CEST)
Tickets: €22,50
Location: Amare, The Hague

Open Night + Presentation

Order your tickets for the Open Night including one of the Presentation moments below. The Presentation takes place once at 8.15 PM and once at 9.30 PM (CEST).