Sarah Baltzinger & Isaiah Wilson

Sarah Baltzinger & Isaiah Wilson

Choreographers duo

Sarah Baltzinger

Self-made artist, dancer, and choreographer Sarah Baltzinger trained with the CobosMika company and has worked as a professional dancer all over Europe since 2013. In 2016, she began choreographing her own works, and has created a distinct choreographic signature focusing on mechanical, puppeteering and distorted bodies.

Isaiah Wilson

Isaiah Wilson is an experimental artist, choreographer, and performer. Trained at Codarts Rotterdam, he interned at ICK Amsterdam before returning to Luxembourg where he worked with Jill Crovisier and as an artistic director for multimedia company Foqus. In his creations, he combines contemporary dance, video, electronic music composition and computational art.

In 2022, Sarah Baltzinger teamed up with fellow choreographer Isaiah Wilson. They have co-directed several projects since and have been awarded a number of prizes – chief among which the RIDCC XL Production Award in 2023. It has enabled them to create a production for Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, which will start touring in February 2025.

For the 2024-2025 NDT season, they are part of the Up & Coming Lab programme. Their work centres on the manipulation and exploration of the body, revealing its infinite capabilities by testing its limits and extremes.

We investigate various applications of weight, resistance, rebound, release, suspension, isolation, and a seesaw between a global body and a dissociated body through improvisations.

Sarah Baltzinger & Isaiah Wilson