Switch Streams

NDT dancers present Switch Streams Vol.2

In times of self-isolation in the struggle against the corona crisis, Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) does everything it can to bring the art of dance and the creativity of movement to the fore.


After the overwhelming success of Switch Streams’ first edition on April 16 the NDT dancers proudly present a second edition of the ON LINE programme with 14 new works created by 19 dancers of the company in their own homes.


Just like the first edition, Switch Stream Vol.2 is a full evening performance on Zoom, that is broadcast live on the NDT Facebook page on Saturday May 2 at 8 PM (CET). We welcome the audience 10 minutes before the show starts. The evening will again be hosted by NDT 1 dancer Roger Van der Poel.


Date: Saturday, May 2
Welcome: 19.50 uur (CET)
Start performance: 20.00 uur (CET)
Estimated end time:  21.30 uur (CET)  – the event is still online for only 24 hours after the broadcast
Location: online, NDT Facebook Page
Entry: free!

The live broadcast is finsihed,


For the annual event Switch, fully organized and created by the NDT dancers, the entire revenue is donated to a charity fund every edition. For Switch Streams Vol. 2, the dancers have selected an organization as well: the audience is invited to donate money to Doctors Without Borders during the live broadcast.

“Doctors Without Borders is at the frontline during this time of the Corona pandemic, aiding and supporting health care providers everywhere that struggle and are in need of extra medical aid. We find it very important to show solidarity and shine a light on these issues whenever we are presented with an opportunity to share, which is the main motivation and drive behind Switch.
The world has become smaller and bigger at the same time. Online distances, only clicks away, while new physical borders emerge.
If you are in any way able to help, please do so by donating towards this incredible organization.”
– Switch Streams Team

During the live broadcast of Switch Streams Vol. 2 there will be a button visible in the video that you can click on to immediately donate a self chosen amount to Doctors without Borders.

Fragment Switch Streams on 16 april

Initiator and NDT 1 dancer Paxton Ricketts:

“Switch Streams is an initiative that was born out of a need. During this time of self-isolation, we missed the feeling of unity that comes with live performance, both as performers and as audience; experiencing an event along with countless others, all at the same time. We had a huge learning curve putting together the first Switch Streams. It was intense to figure out how to use all the tools necessary, and to organize ourselves from afar. The feeling of being alone, in your living room, then all of a sudden you are performing in front of thousands of people is bizarre. The space transforms without you meaning for it to. You are transported. Then when the piece ends, you don’t step offstage. The space simply transforms back into your living room, as if nothing happened. Switch Streams brings a unique sense of intimacy, that is hard to find elsewhere during this crisis. With a second edition we hope to present an even smoother, and more imaginative performance. Wherever they are, and whatever they are going through, we hope to transport people to our living rooms. To experience something together, if only for a few minutes.”

NDT 1 dancer and member of the Switch Streams Sebastian Kristensen Haynes:

“Now the training wheels are off, and we are diving deeper. The dancers and choreographers are researching, and this time we are bringing out even more of our colleagues to join us along the journey. We hope that these moments during this time will help us to experience the uniting feelings of live performance once again.”