Anky Schmale & Marcel Tielemans:

“For years we had been Friend of NDT. We went to performances, but also liked to visit open rehearsals in the studio’s at the Schedeldoekshaven. A few times we invited the talented daughter of a colleague to come along, who was considering a dance education at the Royal Conservatory at the time, which is what happened; she now is an enthusiastic and also very good student there. We noticed that the visits to NDT always gave us a lot of energy, which is of course not surprising when you watch those intensely energetic young dancers. When we were asked, leading up to NDT’s 60th anniversary, if we were interested in joining Fonds NDT, we were immediately enthused. We are very happy that we took this extra step, especially now that the cultural sector and also NDT have been hit hard by the coronacrisis.

Moreover being a member of the fonds has been lovely: it offers priority booking of premieres, invitations to meet the dancers after the premiere performances and the possibility to visit rehearsals and other events. Even more than before, we now feel as a part of the NDT-family, not in the least because of the warm guidance by the Fonds ladies!”

Henk Soeters:

“When the contemporary dance culture that NDT is a part of, wants to stay innovative and groundbreaking, investing in the education of the younger generation to accomplish their long-cherished dreams and further stimulating their ambitions is self-evident (and essential). For them, this is the reason for their existence. They ensure the continuity and broadening of this beautiful art form in which NDT excels. I very much like to contribute to this.”

Emmerique Granpré Moliere:

“It is a joy to be member of the ‘Amsterdam Circle’ of Fonds NDT! This intensifies your involvement in the company, it enables you to closely follow the creative process and to feel the passion with which the dancers and choreographers work on their creations. The events, preceded by a dinner and introduction, are a source of inspiration; the dancers never seize to touch my heart. I consider it a privilege to be able to contribute to their development by participating in the fonds. I can heartily recommend it to everyone, especially now, all support is needed!”

Janine Verweij:

“Being a member of the fonds is my declaration of love to NDT. It’s a way to express my connection to this unique dance company. Unique because of the technical quality of the dance and the company’s choice for established and innovative choreographers. As a fonds participant I get access to see a lot of things behind the scenes that are needed to make those beautiful performances. I’ve gotten to know the dancers better and see how they develop themselves throughout the years. It is actually great that we have such a world-class company in the Netherlands, where dance lovers can build such a personal relationship through the fonds.”

Erik van Duijn:

“When going to an NDT dance performance, our thoughts and feelings are creatively challenged. The artistic level of NDT is surprising, inspiring and of a very high level. Because NDT enriches our lives, we want to show our appreciation for the company through being a Fund member.”