Friends of dance

Text: Gusta Winnubst
Photography: Tijmen Kielen.

NDT FRIENDS experience more!

Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) is very grateful for the support of our loyal Founding Partners, Sponsors and Friends. Their contributions are indispensable for us to realise our ambitions in creation, research and talent development. Discover what connects one of our Founding Partners, Damen Shipyards Group, and some loyal Friends to our company.

Friends of NDT attending a Saturday morning class

With their Friendship, Friends support all NDT initiatives; from dance performances by young and established makers, talent and education programmes for children, amateurs and professional dancers, to social projects and research activities in modern dance. As a thank you, Friends therefore regularly receive an exclusive look behind the scenes. Friends also buy their tickets for NDT performances with priority and are invited to dress rehearsals and morning ballet classes on Saturday with the dancers. In addition, special events are organised for them each season and they receive the exclusive Friends newsletter. We are extremely grateful for our community of dedicated dance enthusiasts!

My main reason for being a Friend of NDT is…

“…To respond to the overwhelming feeling I had after seeing Bedroom Folk at the old Lucent Danstheater. I knew then that I wanted to support and experience more with, this amazing company! So, during intermission, I entered in the foyer and immediately signed up to become a Friend. Since then, I have experienced a lot of beautiful moments, but the absolute highlight was the Friends trip to New York in 2016!” Richard van Veenendaal

“…simple: no other company can match NDT! These dancers can do anything, and dance with all their heart. As a superfan, NDT’s inspiring work touches me time and again.” Christien Snowcroft

“…Because I am so committed to this wonderful company from The Hague, that I often and intensely enjoy. That involvement, in addition to the support we give the company, consists of the sneak peek you get as a Friend at the Saturday morning classes and attending the dress rehearsals. I have been a Friend since 1989 and have no intention of unfriending NDT.” Sandra Jonas

“…To support the uniqueness and artistic creativity of the entire NDT community that brings us so much emotion and joy.” Charles and Melke van der Mast

Josien Damen and Executive Director Willemijn Maas.
Josien Damen and Executive Director Willemijn Maas

Investing in young talents, for the future of NDT” Founding Partner Josien Damen

NDT partners contribute directly to NDT’s ambition to strengthen and maintain its role as an (inter)national leading company. They help the company to stand out, take artistic risks and break new ground to continue inspiring people worldwide with dance. With their long-term commitment, they enable NDT to develop a long-term vision and fulfil its ambition. Damen Shipyards Group is NDT’s oldest Founding Partner. For many years, Kommer and Josien Damen have been closely involved with the company: first as admirers, later for several years as board members and now as Founding Partner. This Founding Partnership is therefore the crowning glory of years of cooperation with Kommer and Josien Damen personally, and Damen Shipyards as a company. Every season, Damen Shipyards, among others, organises events at home and abroad around a NDT performance.

On September 1, 2008, Damen Shipyards officially signed the contract, thus becoming the main sponsor to NDT. Josien Damen: “As Founding Partner, Damen Shipyards has been involved with Nederlands Dans Theater for many years, and every time we are surprised by the high quality we see, both from the dancers as well as the choreographers. That is why I think it is very important to invest in young talents, ensuring that the high quality of NDT as we know it today will be guaranteed for the future.”

Kommer Damen, Josien Damen and Executive Director Willemijn Maas signing the renewal of the contract as Founding Partner in April 2022. Photo: Tijmen Kielen.