NDT participates in project Instinctive Neighborhood

30 June 2021

Two NDT 1 dancers, Madoka Kariya and Paxton Ricketts, were part of the project Instinctive Neighborhood compact, a special collaborative project with Laaktheater and Corpo Maquina led by choreographer Guilherme Miotto.

In addition to Madoka and Paxton, the group consisted of non-dancers, namely employees of Laaktheater and residents from the Laakkwartier district. Together they conducted a social and creative dance research, in which a deep connection through physical expressiveness was created between the participants. At the end of the project, they presented the result of their joint search and social-physical connection in an intimate setting to a small audience.

Social artistic dance project
During the project, choreographer Guilherme Miotto will create a performance in which the personal characteristics and impulses of the performers. With the belief that everybody has an equally personal and egoless story to tell, he will collaborate with the neighborhood residents to create a surprising and contentious piece.

In the neighborhood
Instinctive Neighborhood is a project that can come down to any neighborhood in any city or village in the world. From the neighborhood, a diverse group of people of different ages are brought together, with a minimum age of 18.

Together with choreographer Guilherme Miotto, this group from Laakkwartier is going to move, inviting everyone to get as close as possible to their own inner self. In this way the participants not only get a better sense of themselves but also of each other, and in a very intuitive way they touch on what it means to be human together today.