Dancer and choreographer Jaap Flier passed away

21 March 2022

“One of the most outstanding male dancers of the moment, anywhere in the world,” is how he was described by British critic John Percival.

Last Friday, March 18, 2022, dancer and choreographer Jaap Flier (1934-2022) passed away in Bloemendaal at the age of 88. He was acclaimed by many as the very best ballet dancer in the Netherlands and was appointed Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau.

Photo: Jaap Flier together with Anne Hyde and Willy de la Bije in 1960. Photographer unknown.

Tableau photo of the company in ca. 1960 with from left to right: Aart Verstegen, Milly Gramberg, Jaap Flier, Hannie van Leeuwen, Carel Birnie, Benjamin Harkarvy. Photographer unknown.

With fifteen others he was the first to dance with Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) and together with founders Carel Birnie, Aart Verstegen, Benjamin Harkarvy and his then wife Willy de la Bije, Flier laid the foundation for the company as it is today. Innovation and experimentation were the driving forces behind his successful career – and are still the core concepts of NDT.

We are extremely grateful to Jaap Flier for his fundamental contribution to the dance company; as a dancer, choreographer and former artistic director.

NDT wishes much strength to his loved ones.