Boston Gallacher nominated for Piket Art Prize

14 July 2020

Nominated for the second time

NDT 1 dancer Boston Gallacher has been nominated for a Piket Art Prize in the category Dance! The three winners per discipline will be announced in November. They receive a cash prize of 8,000 euros and a prize, which is made by former nominee Suzie van Staaveren this year.


“As you know, this is the second time I have been nominated. It was as surprising as the first time. It is heartwarming that Stacz and Isabelle have followed my development as a dancer in the four years that I have been working in the Netherlands. I am happy to discover my voice as an artist more and more and that the image I have of myself is becoming clearer not only for me but also for them. Thank you very much for that. ”

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in: 'APERTURE' by Edward Clug. Photo: Rahi Rezvani.

It was so incredibly strong to see them not only perform the work of someone else but to make us totally part of that world and their fantasy. I was totally submerged in their universe.

Isabelle Chaffaud, jury
about the Piket Art Prizes

In the autumn of 2014, the Piket Art Prizes were founded. The Prizes are intended for promising young artists in each of these disciplines. The conditions that apply are simple: the artist must not be older than thirty and have a connection to The Hague, either because the artist has flourished there or has come to fruition in The Hague, or because the artist and his/her work provides a stimulating contribution to the local cultural environment. Den Haag can then be interpreted as the ‘Haaglanden’ region.

For Mr. Piket, the prizes that are awarded in his name each year, are the legacy he dreamt of. Not only do they stimulate young artists at a personal level, they will also be of enduring meaning to the cultural climate in his community.