Tour Luxembourg

Medhi Walerski SWAY
Yoann Bourgeois Little Song
Marco Goecke Midnight Raga
Alexander Ekman FIT

Unfortunately the international tour to Germany has been cancelled as a result of the updated measures taken by the National Government against the spread of the Corona virus. Click here to get the latest information.

NDT 2 travels to Luxembourg for two performances.
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In this performance

sway – medhi walerski

“Hope, the thing that inspires us and can sing within chaos, that can be heard despite the noises of the height of the storm, the thing difficult to disturb even in the most challenging circumstances, the thing that shifts, flutters and changes with us as we sway along, the thing that resides in each and every one of us.”
– Medhi Walerski

little song – yoann bourgeois

“This tune that you have in your mind, they are feelings running through a railway. You are hearing its cruel mechanics. It will end up, you know it, by compartmentalising you. And then at last, you will forget everything. But don’t forget -Love- that all ends look alike. And not to miss your connection, sing.

Choreographic poem, Little song arises a multitude of theatrical situations where two characters become turn after turn the other’s object. A score of an extreme precision make signs sparkle within a virtuous dexterity of gesture that are speeding up towards their own end.”
– Yoann Bourgeois

midnight raga – marco goecke

“Goecke combines a deep midnight blue with his piece “Midnight Raga”, the title of which hearkens back to classical Indian music. The raga is a basic melodic structure which often emotionally suits a particular time of day. Usually, Goecke does not begin a piece with music. This time it is different: the Indian music by Ravi Shankar is the starting point. The choreographer liked both the Indian mysticism and the “freaky” quality of the music. He was also excited by the idea of using Indian music without resorting to elements of Indian dance at all. “I have been fascinated by India for a long time now, because life there is so concentrated and intense, but at the same time seemingly also so immaterial and many people simply die in the most bitter poverty. I also think the ritual cremations after death have a captivating and, at the same time, annihilating power.” Despite the Asian-Indian inspiration – also reflected in the heavy blue silks of the costumes –, one thing is unmistakable right from the start: Goecke’s very own, nervous language of movement, tailor-made for the two dancers Guido and Alex, and which they have internalized in every fiber of their bodies.”
– Nadja Kadel

FIT – Alexander ekman

“Do you fit? If so…. what is it you fit in to? Where do you fit? Where do you not fit? And why?

For me a fit is a form of harmony… there is a sense of ease and rightness. In a creation of a piece, it is all about placing the things that fit next to each other. Does this light fit with this skirt? Does this stone fit on this floor? Do these dancers fit together? Does this step fit here? Does this audience fit with this piece? Does this text fit on this paper? A puzzle…

But what about those pieces in the puzzle which do not fit… the pieces that provoke….

How do they effect the puzzle? Perhaps they become a driving force towards something else, inspiring and transforming the puzzle.”
– Alexander Ekman

In Sway [Walerski] succeeds wonderfully in providing a level of mystery in his smooth alternation of duets and group work.

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