Switch ’20

NDT 1 & NDT 2

This year, the NDT 1 and NDT 2 dancers take full control for Switch ’20 again; a unique programme full of new choreographies created by themselves. In addition to the artistic content, the production, fundraising, and marketing efforts are also the dancers’ responsibilities. The entire revenue of Switch will be donated to a charity fund chosen by the dancers.

Switch gives us the opportunity to push the boundaries of our creativity; the chance to dare to try something new, something different, something bigger than us. Whether we choose to do that through choreography, management, leadership, or any other medium, Switch is the platform for us to take full initiative with our art, knowledge and curiosity.”
— Switch Production Team

The Plastic Soup Foundation

All sales revenue goes to The Plastic Soup Foundation.

The mission of Plastic Soup Foundation is: ‘No plastic waste in our water!’

We do not take plastic out of the water; instead, we want to put an end to the increasing amount of plastic polluting the ocean by tackling the issue at its sources. Think of microplastics in cosmetics or synthetic fibres from clothing. These all end up in the ocean one way or another. We have been working towards this goal since 2011. According to the international press, we are now ‘One of the leading advocacy groups to tackle plastic pollution.’

Performance dates

Season 2019-2020 | January 17-18, 2020
The Hague

Programme booklet