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Souls made apparent


Souls made apparent

Jiří Kylián 27'52''
Marco Goecke The Big Crying | world premiere

On Thursday the 18th, Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th of March, we will broadcast the performance of Souls made apparent live from the Zuiderstrandtheater in The Hague to dance lovers’ homes all over the world via live streams on the NDT website. The audience is welcome to join the performances in NDT’s online theatre auditorium, right in their own living rooms. The choreographers ensure that the audiences at home will feel just as immersed in their new creations as the audiences in the theater.

Time: you are welcome in the stream from 7.15 PM, the performance starts at 8 PM (CET so Dutch local time), duration ± 75 minutes
Ticket: €15 (feel free to pay more!)

Please note: ticket sales for the live stream close 1 hour before the performance starts (so at 7 PM). 

about the programme

Souls made apparent brings some of the most technically challenging and theatrically demanding NDT creators together in one programme: besides a world premiere by associate choreographer Marco Goecke, the young dancers of NDT will present 27’52’’ by maestro Jiří Kylián.

This piece takes the viewer along for a game of seeking and being sought, of holding and being held, pulling and pushing, a game in which the dancer must ultimately exit the stage solo. The title itself represents the length of the piece, 27 minutes and 52 seconds, and refers to the birth date of former dancer and NDT-icon Gerald Tibbs (27-05-1952) to whom the work is dedicated.

Marco Goecke, whose work was frequently presented by the company since 2013, will work on a new creation with NDT 2. Goecke’s staccato and unique movement language makes him one of the world’s most wanted choreographers.

Program booklet

In the program booklet below you will find more information about the performance, including an introduction by artistic leader of NDT 2 Fernando Hernando Magadan, the ballet credits and texts of the choreographers, as well as dancers’ experiences about the creations.

In this performance

Jiří Kylián – 27’52” 

Jiří Kylián’s 27’52” takes the viewer along for a game of seeking and being sought, of holding and being held, pulling and pushing, a game in which the dancer must ultimately exit the stage solo. Kylián is often very focused on the use of time and space in dance, and this piece pays particular attention to this concept. The title itself represents the length of the piece- 27 minutes and 52 seconds. 27’52” was developed through a unique collaboration between choreographer and composer, as German composer Dirk Haubrich created the music specifically for this piece. The music, like Kylián’s choreography, encompasses diverse styles, inspired by a wide array of legendary composers such as the 19th century Austrian, Gustav Mahler, and is presented alongside a recording of text spoken in a variety of languages.

27’52″ remains unmistakably Kylián, full of whimsical, dazzling detail, lovely en profils and deeply moving partner work.

Het Parool about 27’52”
Marco Goecke – World premiere

In 2013 Marco Goecke (Germany) joined NDT as an associate choreographer. For the company he created, among others, Thin Skin (2015), Woke up Blind (2016), Wir sagen uns Dunkes (2017), Walk the Demon (2018) and Kunstkamer (2019). His Midnight Raga (2017) earned him the Zwaan for ‘most impressive dance production’. As of season 2019-2020 Goecke leads the ballet direction at State Opera Hannover.


Unfortunately, as a result of the developments surrounding COVID-19, all performances of the program Souls made apparent in the Dutch theaters have been canceled.