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Sol León & Paul Lightfoot Same Difference
Marco Goecke Woke up Blind
Crystal Pite The Statement
Sol León & Paul Lightfoot Shoot the Moon

The performances in this programme have taken place in season 2015-2016.

Somos, ‘We are’ in Spanish, combines four creators of NDT into one evening: Crystal Pite, Marco Goecke and the choreographic duo Sol León and Paul Lightfoot. With their own style they demonstrate the wide-ranging versatility of the NDT 1 dancers.

Pite has been an associate choreographer for NDT since 2008. In 2002, she founded her own dance company, Kidd Pivot. Marco Goecke has been an associate choreographer at NDT since 2014 and house choreographer at the Stuttgart Ballet since 2005. House choreographers Sol León and Paul Lightfoot will show two creations of respectively eight and nine years old: Same Difference (2007) and Shoot the Moon (2006).

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Programme order

Same Difference – Sol León & Paul Lightfoot
Woke up Blind – Marco Goecke
The Statement – Crystal Pite
Shoot the Moon – Sol León & Paul Lightfoot

Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes, including 2 intermissions and 1 short intermission in the theatre hall

Performance dates

Season 2015-2016 | February 4 – March 10, 2016
The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Leeuwarden, Nijmegen, Heerlen, Enschede, Amsterdam

In this performance


Same Difference is inspired by the chaotic influence of the ego on the individual. It shows how easily one can distance oneself from it, how malleable our identities are and how simply we can choose to be freed from it. We all remember the gruesome fairytales we were told when we were young and how fascinating and scary they all were. How many times as adults do we find ourselves in these stories and ask: “Which part of the story do I belong to?”

In their 26 years as a choreographic duo Sol León and Paul Lightfoot have built a rich repertoire of over fifty ballets which show a wide range of compelling pieces that, however diverse, share a strong, innovative artistic voice.

Photo: Joris-Jan Bos. Choreography: 'Same Difference' by Sol León & Paul Lightfoot. Dancer: Jorge Nozal.

Paul Lightfoot and Sol León skilfully realize tasteful dance theatrical uproar. All the expected ingredients are present: the continuous produced scratchy violin strings by Philip Glass, an overwhelming use of light (here in the form of a shifting ceiling providing the stage with enchanting light), and the movement filled with significance.

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Photo: Rahi Rezvani. Choreography: 'Woke up Blind' by Marco Goecke.

“The songs You and I and The way young lovers do by Jeff Buckley, who died tragically and young, deal with love in different ways: the first is slow, with very stretched-out vocals; the second has fast, almost hectic guitar accompaniment. Both songs form the basis for Marco Goecke’s latest choreography Woke up Blind. The two female and five male dancers are drawn into an acoustic world in which they exel in contesting with Buckley’s vocal power and his frenetic guitar sounds. Like young lovers, they throw themselves into the unknown regardless of the consequences, driven purely by longing. Again, Goecke has managed to reach the core of human emotions through pure, highly complex movement.” – Nadja Kadel

In 2014 Marco Goecke joined NDT as an associate choreographer. For NDT 1, he created Dutch dance Zwaan Award 2012 nominee Garbo Laughs (2012), Hello Earth (2014), and Thin Skin (2015). Goecke’s work is performed by dance companies worldwide.

The hyper- muscular torsos almost seem to jam with movement delight, in precisely thought out and aligned vibrations.

de Volkskrant
on Woke up Blind

The Statement is a wedge of realism; cold and current. We recognize both the characters and the language as being of our world and our time. The Statement is a one-act play, with four characters locked in their own battle for control, and with the morality of their actions: they have been tasked with fueling a conf lict in a distant country. Character “A” declares: “For generations they’ve been fighting. All we did was use it. We used it as an opportunity – the attacks – for investment. For growth. We used it.” Now, being asked to take responsibility for their actions in order to exonerate their superiors, a conflict is rising within their department.” – Crystal Pite

In 2008 Crystal Pite joined NDT as an associate choreographer. Her latest works for NDT 1 are Plot Point (2010), Solo Echo (2012), Parade (2013) and In the Event (2015). In 2002 Pite founded her own company in Vancouver: Kidd Pivot. Her ballets are performed by dance companies worldwide.

Photo: Rahi Rezvani. Choreography: 'The Statement' by Crystal Pite.

On a text by actor and theater director Jonathon Young, the human psyche, as well as its self-destructive side, the weaknesses and the power of language is revealed through expressive, striking movements.

Leidsch Dagblad
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Photo: Rahi Rezvani. Choreography: 'Shoot the Moon' by Sol León & Paul Lightfoot.

Shoot the Moon revolves around the one thing that can create or change a relationship: the emotions hidden inside and the realization that a part of our identity has been created by generations before us. Everybody carries someone else’s logic within them. In this ballet the decors are loaded with symbolism. Windows represent one’s hopes and dreams within the possibility to see the world outside. Doors open and close and offer exits or entrances, and possibilities of change.

The choreography is one of the highlights of León and Lightfoot’s oeuvre, emotionally charged though the drama is subtle packed.

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Programme booklet & Music

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