NDT at Hans van Manen Festival

NDT 1 & NDT 2
Hans van Manen Situation - NDT 1
Hans van Manen Simple Things - NDT 2

The (inter)national dance world gathers for the Hans van Manen Festival in the Dutch National Opera & Ballet.

With 4 unique programmes, 19 pioneering works and 8 companies and ensembles, the entire month of June will be dedicated to master choreographer Hans van Manen’s 90th birthday. The festival shows a cross-section of the master choreographer’s extensive repertoire, and NDT is there too!

NDT 1 performs Situation (1970) and NDT 2 Simple Things (2001).

'Situation' (1970) by Hans van Manen. Photo: Rahi Rezvani
'Simple Things' (2001) by Hans van Manen. Photo: Tristram Kenton / Dance Consortium