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Here we live and now 2023

Dance city The Hague is bursting with choreography talent and Here we live and now is the moment to meet them. Every year, Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) invite three creative makers to create a short performance from complete freedom. This year they are: Dalton Jansen, Alesya Dobysh and Justin de Jager. Together, their pieces form a varied evening of dance.

Campaign photo: Gerrit Schreurs

Alesya Dobysh
World premiere
Dalton Jansen
World premiere
Justin de Jager
World premiere



Alesya Dobysh (Kostroma, 1989) is a Netherlands based professional dancer, choreographer and curator. She mastered House Dance, UK Jazz Fusion and other urban related techniques, studied fundamentals of contemporary dance, actively participated in the “dance battle” scene and took main prizes of international dance festivals such as Juste Debout (France) and Summer Dance Forever (The Netherlands).

After moving to The Netherlands in 2017 Alesya continued developing her movement research by deconstructing footwork oriented techniques and her «urban» dance background into an abstract language, with which she expanded her practice into the theatre and performance art. Her interest in choreography brought her into creation of the first solo work “Stop Making Sense” (2020), after which she received support for further development by “Corpo Maquina Society” with artistic direction by Guilherme Miotto, and with which she took main prizes of the international festival SzoloDuo (Köln 2021, Budapest 2022).

Photo: Patrcia Hlbocka


Dalton Jansen (Rotterdam, 1993) is an ambitious young choreographer and enterprising creator. After completing the Urban Contemporary (JMD) course at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, he created several dance performances under the name Dalton Jansen Choreography.

Dalton’s work is a combination of multiple disciplines; such as spoken word, hip hop, contemporary and break dance. With the help of the new makers’ grant from Fonds Podiumkunsten and partner organisations Conny Janssen Danst, DOX and Productiehuis TR, Dalton now has the space to research his own dance vocabulary and define his movement language.

Dalton founded his own dance company BLACK BIRDS in Rotterdam-West in 2021. He plans to set up special programmes with this company to work with new talent and to provide space for talent classes for young people who have found themselves in difficult social positions.


Justin de Jager started out as a breakdancer, but his interest in other forms of movement introduced him to contemporary dance. He specialises in the concept of threading, which originated from breakdance. In threading, you create an opening by connecting several body parts and then passing through it with another body part.

Theatrically, Justin is a pioneer who is pushing the artistic boundaries of threading. In 2019, he won the audience award of Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition (RIDCC), first prize at AmsterDans in the category ’emerging dance duets’ and hit the semi-finals of Hollands Got Talent. In 2020, he received the Leo Spreksel Award.

He also worked extensively with Canadian choreographer Emma Portner, culminating in the movement film Sit Bones.

Photo: Rob Hogeslag
Campaign photo: Gerrit Schreurs