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Glitter | The choice of Korzo & NDT

Antonin Rioche Glitter

Following the press conference on Tuesday, January 12, in which the government announced that the current lockdown (in which the theaters are closed) will be extended at least until February 9 to prevent the spread of the corona virus, Korzo had to decide to cancel the performances of Glitter. on January 29 and 30. Have you already bought tickets for this program? Have you already bought tickets for this programme? Please keep an eye on the announcements of Korzo: they will contact you about the handling of your tickets.

The livestream on January 29 will continue. Tickets are still available.


Since 2013, Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) have joined forces in order to support new choreographic talent. Every year they select extraordinary talent to create a full-evening performance that then goes on tour. Antonin Rioche has been chosen for 2021. Fernando Magadan, Iván Pérez, Amos Ben-Tal, Joeri Dubbe, Samir Calixto, Marina Mascarell and Jiri Pokorny preceded him. 

about the programme

The French choreographer and theatre maker Antonin Rioche exposes the sore spots of life with piercing and personal work. He likes to combine and open up new horizons within art disciplines. This talented artist has been as The Choice of Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater for 2020.

Glitter is a choreographed composition about love, fame and recognition. It lures us into our childhood in which everything is still possible and dreams have not yet vanished. A melancholic glimpse into lost moments propels the work forward. “The real paradises are the paradise we lost” said Proust. With a hint of humour, the cast embodies intimate memories of dreams that have long been behind us. In Glitter, stardom beckons and puts it in sharp contract with reality. Flirting with tragic burlesque, they take us to what we all recognize: the illusion of greatness that enchants us all.

korzo livestream

Due to the extended lockdown until at least February 9, the premiere of Glitter will take place online via a Korzo Livestream on January 29 at 8:00 PM. The performance is preceded (at 7:45 PM) by a unique video interview with Antonin Rioche. A ticket for the livestream costs € 9.

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Choreography & concept: Antonin Rioche
Assistant: Rosanne Briens
Performers: o.a. Ève-Marie Dalcourt, Toon Lobach, Grace Lyell
Composer & songwriter: Finn Ronsdorf

Set-design: Antonin Rioche
Light design: Loes Schakenbos
Stylist: Jan-Jan Van Essche
Sound design: Jorg Schellekens

About Antonin Rioche

Choreographer: Antonin Rioche.

Time passing is a recurrent theme in Antonin’s pieces. He sees beauty as a true source of interest: if you put enough time and contemplation, everything becomes beautiful. It’s all in the details. His endeavors lie somewhere between the worlds of virtuosity and experimentation. Antonin has always been a creator and a storyteller, dance happens to be one of his predominant mediums.

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Moving the body to move the observer.

Antonin Rioche
Choreography: 'Glitter' by Antonin Rioche.

In his earliest work, consisting mainly of choreographies for the theatre and dance films, Antonin is in constant search of a form of hyperrealism. “I have a predilection for surrealism and the reality it contains.” Think of dance in slow motion: “The dancer focusses attention on something, but meanwhile the dancer is hard at work to, at the right moment, make an unnatural, detailed, and deliberate movement, precisely placed. You have to then think differently to create something that the audience must experience.” In his work, Antonin wants to focus the attention on these movements to spotlight certain subjects that motivate people towards a certain way of moving, thinking, and acting.