Maša Anić

Maša Anić

I’m grateful for the opportunity to grow as an artist.  NDT is such an incredible place that allows me to continue my pursuit in this art form. Art has always been an integral part of my life and it has created a way to express myself and my emotions through dance. Dancers always talk and dream about those precious moments on stage but my favourite part has always been the creative process in studio. Creating and developing my own movement with many different artists is so inspiring. I’m looking forward to learn and experience new things with NDT, but mostly to enjoy and make new memories with these amazing people. – Maša

Maša Anić

Date of birth
April 5, 2005

Place of birth
Novi Sad


Ballet school „Lujo Davičo” (2015-2023)

Professional experience
Bitef Dance company (2022-2023)
National Theatre in Belgrade (2022-2023)
NDT 2 since August 2023

Terpsihora 2023