Joey de Koning

Joey de Koning

To see an artist perform through dance and performing myself is something that feeds my soul. It glows, and through movement it extends a path outside the body. It communicates and fills the environment. An ambiance is created, a story is told that can be interpreted in countless ways. It is the language of life, of thought and mind. Closely woven with one’s identity. So much is hidden within the body, and through dance I found a way to express and research. To be able to do so in such a special place as NDT is something I am very grateful for. – Joey


Date of birth
January 19, 2001

Place of birth
Haarlem, The Netherlands


Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts
Pre-Education HAV0/VWO, Lucia Marthas, Amsterdam (2014-2018)
Bachelor uitvoerend, Lucia Marthas, Amsterdam (2018-2022)

Professional experience
Intern with NDT 2 in the 2022-2023 season