Amanda Mortimore

Amanda Mortimore

I wish to share a physical expression of anything I can imagine with playful sincerity: the deafening tension within silence, an unsolved mystery, time-stamped memories filtered in shades of dark and light grey, the enticing bitterness of a blood orange, or even the sharp gulp of an inhale while softly teetering along the edge of a steep cliff. Dance encourages me to research the untouched, the unexpected, and the unbounded perspectives of my senses. – Amanda


Date of birth
6 April 1993

Place of birth
Sacramento, California


The Juilliard School [2012 – 2016]

Professional experience
Joined NDT 2 in August 2016
Dancer with NDT 1 since August 2019

In 'Claude Pascal' (2002) by Jiří Kylián. Photo (2020): Joris-Jan Bos.
Amanda together with Donnie Duncan Jr. in 'Signing Off' (2003) by Sol León & Paul Lightfoot. Photo (2018): Rahi Rezvani.