Combine NDT Experience with more

Together we can look into the possibilities to expand NDT Experience with the activities below. These activities can also be requested separately from NDT Experience. The content is adapted to the level of the visiting group.

A look behind the scenes at NDT
Walk along our studios, where the dancers are having a ballet class or are rehearsing for a new program. You get to see and hear what everyday life is like at NDT, and wat a dancer’s day look like.

Meet one of our employees
Do our dancers ever get stage fright? What is it like to work in a costume department? And just how big is our stage? During a meeting with an employee from NDT, students are given the opportunity to ask any questions they like about our company.

Experience a dance performance
As you take your seat in the audience, the noise of chattering voices dies down, making way for an expectant silence… Let the dancers on stage inspire you and marvel at their visible strength, concentration and technique.


Applications open in early March 2024


For questions or comments regarding our offer for secondary education, please contact the Talent Development & Education department at +31 70 88 00 146 or