NDT Summer Intensive 2023

From July 24 to August 5, we welcomed 60 young dancers from around the world for our NDT Summer Intensive 2023. A unique experience in which we offer professional training, with the aim of helping participants grow as contemporary dancers and deepen their personal development. On this page you can see and read about what the NDT Summer Intensive means for dancers and find photos of the project. Enjoy reading and watching!

Participant Chloé Meier takes us with them

Experiences shared by participants

Photo: Sacha Grootjans
Photo: Sacha Grootjans
Photo: Sacha Grootjans


“It’s incredibly inspiring to get the chance to make new connections with other artists from so many different backgrounds, but mostly I’d say it’s been two weeks of learning how to connect to myself as a dancer. Everything shared in the studio has to do with body awareness, learning how to move it and taking care of it in the most efficient way. It really shows how much the NDT staff cares for our growth, as dancers and as people. I leave this two week experience with a backpack full of information I know will be present in the rest of my dance journey.”


“My name is Zwelemfundo Mguli I am 20 years old all the way from South Africa. Being in the ‘NDT Summer Intensive’ has opened a whole new side of a dancer in me. It has taught me so many new techniques and approaches not even as a dancer but as a human being it broadened my life. Meeting and learning from other young inspiring dancers from around the world gave me the inspiration and drive to strive to become a better version of myself and hopefully someday inspire others that come from unfavorable circumstances.”


NDT Summer Intensive for me was absolutely incredible. I had the chance to learn from such gifted artists that were so delighted and committed to sharing their passion and knowledge. Because of all its amazing dancers and outstanding works throughout the years, NDT holds a very special place in my heart and I was truly so happy to come every day in these beautiful studios to share my passion for dancing with my talented colleagues. I can honestly state that after this experience I feel extremely fulfilled and I have even more admiration for the company. I’m absolutely grateful for this opportunity and I’m eager to share and to bring what’ve learned here into the world.”

Instagram Takeover

Alliah Xandra Torte. Photo: Sacha Grootjans
Xavier Logan. Photo: Sacha Grootjans

Xavier Logan and Alliah Xandra Torte took our Instagram followers through a day at the NDT Summer Intensive and answered questions.

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Jasmine Robinson on her participation and scholarship.

Foto: Sacha Grootjans

“Being a part of the NDT Summer Intensive has been so enriching and fulfilling. I’m leaving with such profound information on various movement ideologies and techniques, and more sensory approaches to class and repertoire. I’ve gained a different perspective on dance, and a newfound level of awareness of my body. The faculty’s ability to share such insight while cultivating a healthy and collaborative environment is so beautiful and refreshing. I feel so lucky to have learned and taken in all this knowledge while being surrounded by incredibly talented, genuine, and loving humans. I am so inspired.

It is such a privilege to have been a scholarship recipient of this program, as this is an amazing opportunity. This experience has been a catalyst for my growth not only as a dancer, but as an artist and human. The love and gratitude I have for NDT and everyone involved is beyond measure.”

Photography by Sacha Grootjans

Photo: Sacha Grootjans

During the NDT Summer Intensive, photographer Sacha Grootjans took beautiful photos of all the participants.

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