Curtain call with Lydia and Prince

In this Curtain Call, former NDT 1 dancers Lydia Bustinduy and Prince Credell open up about the next steps they have taken in their careers within NDT. “Everybody has a sort of fear for change”, Lydia says, “But I think that the more you live change, the more you realize how necessary that is in order to keep evolving.” They discuss more subjects together such as how they fell in love with dance, diversity within the company, and dancers’ general fear of moving on from their career. “Artistry doesn’t go away, it stays with you.”

Throughout the interview, you will see many wonderful clips of the two dancers at work on stage and in the studio during their time at NDT.

Film, edit, interview by Ennya Larmit
Rehearsal & trailer footage by Harmen Straatman