NDT and Korzo collaborate with Leiden University on the first edition of Open Space

30 April 2021

Open Space

Open Space is a two-week long talent development/research platform organized by Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) and Korzo, that is fully dedicated to stimulate the artistic and creative capacities of its participants. The project is designed as a space for young and/or established creators to explore their creativity by opening the doors to ideas from disciplines outside their traditional realm. Open Space will take on a different subject and invite other participants with each iteration. For this first edition of Open Space the dancers of NDT 2, together with three choreographers, three composers of the Royal Conservatoire (RC) in The Hague, and astronomers from the Leiden Observatory of the Leiden University will explore the connection between dance, music and cosmology.

Photo of A Hefty Flood by choreographer Marina Mascarell: Joris-Jan Bos.


In July of 2018, Prof. Dr. Henk Hoekstra and Dr. Pedro Russo from the Astronomy research center of Leiden University wrote a letter to NDT inviting the company to establish a unique collaboration:

“We believe there is a connection between cosmology and dance through the study of motion. […] The study of motion continues to surprise us: the nature of the main constituents of the Universe, dark matter and dark energy, remains to be explained. […] We believe that the recent advances of cosmology, resulting in surprises such as dark matter and dark energy, provide interesting topics to explore innovatively through art and dance. We therefore would like to explore the possibilities for a unique and ambitious project combining cosmology and dance, bringing people together from two world-class institutions, NDT and the Leiden Observatory. ”

Over the years, NDT has also developed a growing need for more movement research, the discovery of hybrid art forms and the sharing of knowledge. The debut edition of Open Space is therefore a first step towards bringing together choreographers, NDT dancers and scientists in an open and free platform to see where dance and science can meet.

Open end

Open Space is explicitly intended as a project in which the creative process takes center stage. Its primary goal is to stimulate and foster creativity for all participants, free from added pressure of producing a finished product, while exploring the connection between different disciplines. A ‘day of sharing‘ will take place on the last day of the project, where ideas are presented in any imaginable format that centers conversation and exchange.

With special thanks to

NDT is very grateful to Edmée Muysken. Since 1980 she has been a loving and very committed Friend of the company. As a great lover of art and culture, she was married to artist Leo Muysken, she enjoyed the performances of NDT to the fullest and she often took part in friends’ trips abroad. Edmée thought it was a great idea and  for her it made perfect sense to pass on her love for NDT in the form of a legacy. Her bequest will benefit the first edition of Open Space in 2021 and the second edition in 2023. In doing so, she helps new generations of dancers to develop their artistic personality through research and innovation.