NDT Young Creatives

For dance fanatics between 8 - 14 years old

Take a few steps in the shoes of a dancer and choreographer. What inspires a choreographer? What choices are made? Dance in the repertoire of NDT and find out how to tell your story in dance!

✔︎ Get creative with dance
✔︎ Under the guidance of professional teachers
✔︎ Open to all young dancers who want to dance together
✔︎ Dance experience is not required, just a desire to creat and perform!
✔︎ 50% discount for Ooievaarspas holders

Give it a try during our workshops, or sign up directly for our intensive – a series of 6 Sunday mornings. Read more about how it works below and sign up!

Photo by Sacha Grootjans

Young Creatives workshops

On six Sundays you can participate in the Young Creatives workshops, each time linked to a different performance by a well-known choreographer or young creator. The Young Creatives workshops zoom in on all aspects of creating a performance, based on the current program of NDT. Each workshop is concluded with a short presentation. These workshops can be booked separately, also seperately from the intensive.

Dates Young Creatives workshops:

  • Sunday September 25 2022  | Celebrating an Evening with Jiří Kylián!
  • Sunday October 23 2022 | Now here, Now always*
  • Sunday December 18 2022  | Now here, Now always*
  • Sunday February 26 2023  | Climb the sky (Registration starts January 2023)
  • Sunday May 14 2023  | Raw are the roots (Registration starts January 2023)
  • Sunday July 2 2023 | The Hole (Registration starts January 2023)

* the workshops on October 23 and December 18 are focused on the same program but they are not the same workshops. You can register for both workshops.

Time: 10.00-12.30.
Price per workshop: €15 (50% discount with Ooievaarspas).
Location: Amare Den Haag.

Sunday December 18 2022

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This workshop is based on the programme Now here, Now always

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Young Creatives intensives

Can’t get enough of dancing, performing and creating? At the Young Creatives intensives you work six Sundays on creating a performance. You dive deep into the creative process and the creation and development of a dance performance. Together with the other dancers you work towards a performance for an audience in the theater studio of NDT. NDT invites you to participate!

Practical information Young Creatives intensives:

Young Creatives intensives will take place twice a year and will be based on the current program of NDT.

Young Creatives intensive fall 2022

  • Sunday October 9
  • Sunday October 16
  • Sunday November 6
  • Sunday November 13
  • Sunday November 20
  • Sunday November 27 (presentation, until ca. 15.00)

Programme: Now here, Now always
Time: 10.00-12.30.
Price: €90 euros (for 6 workshop mornings. 50% discount with Ooievaarspas).
Location: Amare Den Haag.

Buying tickets for this intensive is no longer possible. You can buy a ticket for one of the other workshops!

Young Creatives intensive spring 2023

  • Sunday March 12
  • Sunday March 19
  • Sunday March 26
  • Sunday April 2
  • Sunday April 15 (presentations, all day)

Programma: Climb the sky
Time: 10.00-12.30.
Price: €75 euros (for 5 workshop mornings. 50% discount with Ooievaarspas).
Location: Amare Den Haag.

Registration starts January 2023.


Children from 8 years and older can register for the Young Creatives workshops and/or Young Creatives intensives in one of the three age groups: 8+, 10+ and 12+. Dance experience is not required, only the desire to create and perform!

Prior to the workshop or intensive that you have booked, you will receive a message from us by email, in which we ask for some more information about the participant. It is possible that this email ends up in the spam, so keep a close eye on your mailbox.

Every child should have the opportunity to participate in the Young Creatives project. A discount of 50% applies to Ooievaarspas holders. It’s possible that prior to the workshop we ask you to bring the Ooievaarspas with you. If you do not have an Ooievaarspas but the course fee is an obstacle, please contact us to discuss the options.