Audition ndt2

Auditions NDT 2

Season 2024-2025

Applications open from 18th of September 2023 until 20th of November 2023 via an online form, at the bottom of this page. Read all info carefully first. 

Who can apply

Age This audition remains reserved for dancers aged between 17 and 22 (born between 15th January 2001 and 12th January 2007). Dancers of 23 years of age and older (born on or before 16th January 2001) can apply for a private audition for NDT 1. 
✓️  Training & education Applicants must have finished, or be in the graduation year of a professional dance training program. 
✓️  Dutch graduates Dancers with Dutch nationality who will be in their graduating year of a professional dance training program in 2024-2025 can apply to audition for a full season internship contract. They can follow the same online-audition application procedure. 
✓️  Timing Dancers who are interested in joining NDT 2 for the season 2024-2025 will start in August 2024. 

Audition procedure

18 September 2023  Application for pre-selectionopens at 10:00 AM (CEST) 
20 November 2023  Application for pre-selection closes at 06:00PM (CET)
11 December 2023  Notice of result of pre-selection via email 
13 & 14 January 2024  After positive result of pre-selection:
audition at NDT in The Hague,
the Netherlands 

Follow the steps below
to  audition FOR NDT 2

Application opens on 18 September 2023, 10:00AM (CEST) via the online form at the bottom of this page.
Application closes on 20th November 2023, 6:00PM (CET) .

Step 1. Online application

Before filling in the form all the way in the bottom of this page, prepare all required audition material.


Your audition video must include the following elements

1. Ballet Technique 4 short centre exercises consisting of adagio, pirouettes, petit allegro and grand allegro. 
Duration: max. 3 minutes. 
2. Repertoire  2 excerpts of contrasting contemporary repertoire. 
Duration: max. 3 minutes. 
3. Improvisation  1 continuous minute of improvisation that displays contrasting phrasing, dynamics and use of space. 
Duration: max. 1 minute. 
4. NDT Repertoire
Bedroom Folk by Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar
Learn the repertoire from the video, be sure to add this solo twice in your audition video:
–  1 version without music at a slightly slower tempo.
–  1 version with music.

Duration: max. 1 minute per version.
INSTRUCTION VIDEO  Use password: Audition_2425

Please note: this video and music may
solely be used to study repertoire for this audition and may not be used for any other purposes. Read NDT’s disclaimer for more info about the (intellectual) property and use of photos, images and video materials. 

Please keep the following in mind:
Maximum duration of all video material: 9 minutes.
Music (original sound) must be audible. Throughout the film, movement and music should be combined. Make sure to use music that is free of copy rights as YouTube / Vimeo might otherwise block your video.
You must be clearly and completely visible, without any other dancers in the video.
Use YouTube or Vimeo to upload your video. Do NOT password protect the video.
Add the link of your video to the assigned box in the audition form, only add one link
The video must be available at least until 1st March 2024.

portrait photo


A clear headshot / “passport style” photo. Recent and recognizable picture of your face in a close-up with a light and neutral background. Example
High resolution quality. 

Step 2. Confirmation

After submitting the audition form, you will receive an automatic reply with a confirmation (check your SPAM-box). If you haven’t received the confirmation within 2 working days, please contact us via: 

Please note: a confirmation does not automatically mean that you will be invited for the audition.  

Step 3. Pre-selection

The artistic staff of NDT shall make a pre-selection based on the information and video that you have submitted via the online application form. We shall notify you by email about the pre-selection results on 11th December 2023.  

Step 4. Selection

Selected candidates will be provided with more detailed information such as route description to our theatre as well as information about hotels or other accommodation on 11th December 2023. 

Only selected applicants from the pre-selection round will be asked to join the NDT 2 audition on 13th & 14th January 2024 in The Hague, The Netherlands.    

  • All selected candidates are asked to be available on both days.
  • A selection moment might already take place at the end of the first audition day. 
  • Not all audition candidates will be invited to continue the audition on the second day. 

Application form


Personal data

Only dancers born between 15th January 2001 and 12th January 2007 are eligible to apply for the NDT 2 audition.
I have the Dutch Nationality and I will be in my graduating year of my dance training program in season ‘24-’25. Therefore I would like to audition for an internship with NDT 2 for season ‘24-’25.

Maximum file size: 8MB


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Personal information

Emergency contact

Audition material

Link to video (YouTube or Vimeo) | No password, publicly available till March 2024