Switch ’19

NDT 1 & NDT 2 Switch '19

For Switch ’19 the NDT dancers take full control in which they compile a unique programme of new choreographies created by themselves. The production, fundraising, and marketing efforts are their responsibilities as well. The evening’s revenue is donated to a charity fund chosen by the dancers.

This year, all the proceeds of the whole event will go to LGBT Asylum Support. This NGO, based in The Netherlands, strives to improve the lives of those in the LGBT community who are seeking asylum in The Netherlands.

“It’s always a thrill to be on the Switch production team. What can be done to surpass the standards of the past editions? Will we manage to get everything ready on time? How can we make sure to have a full house? Most of us have little experience in producing a whole charity event. So every part of the adventure is a learning process that will prove lucrative in many spheres of our life. Come encourage our efforts and passion!”

– Ève-Marie Dalcourt (dancer NDT 2)

Performance dates

Season 2018-2019 | June 7, 2019: The Hague

Programme booklet