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NDT Summer Intensive 2018

Talent development

NDT Summer Intensive 2018 has taken place in season 2017-2018.

The NDT Summer Intensive has become one of the most coveted summer courses in the contemporary= dance world. Annually, Nederlands Dans Theater invites 60 young talented artists out of hundreds of applications and offers them the unique opportunity to delve into NDT’s artistic core: a world of creative forces and eye for detail. The participants are guided by NDT’s own dancers, who in their turn get the opportunity to explore their skills as teachers, coaches and choreographers. The summer course is educational and challenging, but moreover it offers a platform for the participants to gain valuable experiences in a short amount of time. The course ends with a public performance.

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NDT Summer Intensive 2018 is sponsored by ABN AMRO, our partner in talent development

Performance dates

Season 2017-2018 | July 30 – August 11, 2018
The Hague

Behind the scenes & Interview

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Open class partnering
Open class solo men / Open class solo women
Open class repertoire
New composition Group C: Everything Might…. – Lesley Telford
New composition Group B: It Ain’t Real Anyway – Dimo Milev
New composition Group A: Two – Jianhui Wang

About the new compositions


“I was thinking about moments of transition these dancers have faced, are facing around the corner. We have been playing with ideas of instability, falling and floating. This limbo inspires dreams of falling, where there is a sense of catching up with one’s body. Every change is inherently a process of regaining one’s balance. There is a quote from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland that sums it up: I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then. — Lewis Carroll” – Lesley Telford

Dancers Group C
Photo: Sacha Grootjans. Choreography: 'Everything Might...' by Lesley Telford.

“For this occasion I wanted to challenge the young dancers and to share thoughts about dealing with the right timing and the right amount of energy for each movement, the precision and the coherence of their intentions while dancing, the continuous consciousness of their bodies and the environment, the importance and the beauty of the small details.” – Dimo Milev

Dancers Group B
Photo: Sacha Grootjans. Choreography: 'It Ain't Real Anyway' by Dimo Milev.

“I remember the tone the sunlight made reflecting as it did that first breath of late night morning aim the feeling that here was anywhere and anywhere was kind.” – Jianhui Wang

Dancers Group A
Photo: Sacha Grootjans. Choreography: 'Two' by Jianhui Wang.

Programme booklet

Programme booklet (NDT Summer Intensive 2018)