NDT in Wende’s Kaleidoscoop

Fragment from 'Kunstkamer' Marco Goecke
Improvisation Tess Voelker (NDT 2)

With Uitmarkt 2020: Wende’s Kaleidoscoop, the NTR, Wende and the Uitmarkt on NPO 2 present an exciting alternative to the annual opening of the cultural season. Wende’s Kaleidoscoop is a seventy-five minute journey through the pearls of music, theater and dance. A cultural festival, carefully put together by one of the most versatile artists in the Netherlands: Wende! She brings artists from all worlds and genres together and lets them challenge, inspire and respond to each other. The result is a compelling, groundbreaking TV show recorded at the Royal Theater Carré, where Wende is a resident artist.

And Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) is also part of the programme! NDT 2 will perform a piece by associate choreographer Marco Goecke from ‘Kunstkamer’, from the 60th anniversary programme. In addition, NDT 1 dancer Tess Voelker dances an improvisation to the accompaniment of Torre Florim (De Staat).

Photo: Robin de Puy

Uitmarkt 2020: Wende’s Kaleidoscoop moves, entertains and shows the richness of the Dutch cultural landscape, just as the Uitmarkt always does. Now that theaters and concert halls are closed, it offers artists and audiences a challenging stage. She conjures bands, dancers, choirs, writers and actors on the stage of the Royal Theater Carré and creates a magical place where choral singing, modern dance, hip-hop, soul and electronics meet. Douwe Bob, Eefje de Visser, Nederlands Dans Theater, Claron McFadden, Cello Octet Amsterdam, Naaz, Torre Florim (De Staat) and many others will make their appearance.
The names of the other artists will be announced in the run-up to the TV broadcast on August 29. Theater direction is in the hands of Wende and Michiel van Erp.

Wende’s Kaleidoscoop
When Wende becomes the resident artist of the Royal Theater Carré in 2018, she develops the idea for a quirky mini-festival in the ring. She wants the audience to be able to be surprised and immerse themselves in a challenging show, without a schedule. She throws the richness of the Dutch cultural landscape into a sleeve and shakes it hard: Wende’s Kaleidsocoop. The first edition in 2018 is called overwhelming. The second edition in 2019 was even more successful. This year, the third edition of the show threatened to be canceled due to the corona measures. Until the collaboration with NTR and Uitmarkt came about and a special edition of Wende’s Kaleidoscoop is made for TV this year.

uitmarkt amsterdam

The Uitmarkt has marked the national opening of the cultural season for 43 years. It offers an accessible and inspiring platform for anyone who wants to get to know what the new season has to offer. NTR (formerly NPS) and Uitmarkt have been working together since 2006 to celebrate the opening of the cultural season; also this year. The Uitmarkt will take place this year in an adapted form: digital and in the theatres. On 28/29/30 August a wide range of performances can be viewed for free; some performances you follow as live streams, other performances are online all weekend and some can be attended in the hall for a limited audience.