Start your audition

Due to reaching the maximum amount of 250 auditions, we have closed the registration for NDT Summer Intensive 2019. All auditions and requests we will receive after closing registration won't be accepted.

Before you use the registration button, please make sure you prepared the following: 


>> Add your headshot to your audition form

Audition video

>> Use YouTube or Vimeo to upload your video (Important: please set the privacy settings for your video on hidden. If you choose to use a password for your video, make sure to use the password "NDTSI2019")
>> Add the upload link to your audition form   
>> Only add one link   
>> The video must be available until August 2019

Motivation and recommendation letter
>> Only for scholarship applicants
>> Add your letters to your audition form

Audition checklist

Prepare the following before you fill out the audition form:

  • Headshot
  • Audition video
  • Motivation and recommendation letter*
    * only for scholarship applicants

Specifics audition

- Recent and recognizable picture of your face in close-up   
- Maximum size 2 x 3 inch or 5x7 cm   
- High resolution   
- See example on the right

Audition video   
- Contains ballet class barre + center and a contemporary solo   
- Should not contain pointe work   
- Maximum duration 10 minutes   
- Perform movement to music and don’t edit separate music to your video      
- You must be clearly and completely visible, no other dancers in the video
- When you use a password for your video, make sure to use the password "NDTSI2019"