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THU21/06Ahmed Adnan Saygun Arts Center

“The juniors already have their own, significant style, full of vigor, extraordinary flexibility and exceptional passion. The group impresses by strength, cogency and talent.”

- Le Quotidien on NDT 2

Paul Lightfoot
Sol León
Johan Inger
Marco Goecke

In this programme:

Sad Case - Sol León & Paul Lightfoot
Sad Case was created in 1998 when Sol León was seven months pregnant with their daughter, and acts as one of the main pillars of León & Lightfoot’s oeuvre. Surprising and earthly movements on Mexican mambo music show a continual search for the tension between satirical and classic moments.

Sad Case - Sol León & Paul Lightfoot

Wir sagen uns Dunkles - Marco Goecke
Marco Goecke's new creation for NDT 2 begins with encounters in the studio between the choreographer and the dancers. Their meetings appear unimportant, yet simultaneously they are more important than anything else; young, naughty and evil, playful and punky. “Today, my feelings belong to the dancers, more than ever before”, says Goecke. A blink of the eye, a glance, a seemingly f leeting gesture. Just a moment or a story? What remains is a tear on an eyelash that is fanned away. How do we get closer? A butterf ly that remains a second before it f lies away. The sounds of
Schubert and Schnittke meet those of Placebo, The Swan Song and Song To Say Goodbye. Then there are the rattling pants, its sound interfering with the music. Goecke: “The dancers understand me immediately. There is no limit, they want to be challenged.” They move fast, virtuoso, gesticulate in peculiar ways, unconscious yet self-assured, and - whether solo, in a pas de deux or larger group - they communicate in Goecke's language, as if they had never learned another. Darkness Spoken, without words.

Wir sagen uns Dunkles - Marco Goecke

Out of Breath - Johan Inger
Out of Breath by Johan Inger was created during a tumultuous time in the choreographer’s life when the dramatic birth of his daughter brutally sparked the awareness that life can be extremely fragile from the very start. The piece addresses the ever lingering presence of death, how we tend to forget this is part of our daily lives but also how that anxiety is constantly surpassed by the vibration of life.

Choreography: Johan Inger
Set and Costume: Mylla Ek
Lights: Ellen Ruge
Music: Jacob ter Veldhuis, Lajko Felix

Out of Breath - Johan Inger