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SUN17/06Festspielhaus und Festspiele
Baden Baden

“Five minutes of the performance is sufficient to be certain: this company is one of the seven wonders in the world of dance”

- Le Figaro on NDT 1

“Flashy, brilliant and with a large reservoir of melancholy.”

- Theaterkrant on NDT 1

Paul Lightfoot
Sol León
Crystal Pite

In this programme:

Shut Eye - Sol León & Paul Lightfoot
In their creation for NDT 1 entitled Shut Eye, house choreographers Sol León and Paul Lightfoot have captured their innovative, poetic approach towards contemporary dance once again. The piece takes the audience into the conflicting emotions between two couples: one pas de deux that is seemingly more earthy and dark in glistening black costumes, the other ostensibly lighter and tapping into the everyday. Their expressive energy is distinctively different: from quick and fluid to slow and ostensibly lethargic. These two elements are merged through elaborate group work, and intervened with solos by male dancers that carry the piece into new realms.

Shut Eye - Sol León & Paul Lightfoot

The Statement - Crystal Pite
In light of current events, the topicality of The Statement is probably what is most striking about Crystal Pite’s new work, as the expression of the characters and their use of language are very much linked to our time. The piece could be considered a play, based on a script written by Jonathon Young that is expressed by four dancers that share a heated conversation around a conference table, symbolizing a corporate environment. Control, moral conflicts, responsibility and the inability to escape make The Statement a gripping piece that offers the audience a captivating wedge of realism.

I New Then - Johan Inger

Singulière Odyssée - Sol León & Paul Lightfoot
Singulière Odyssée (2016) by Sol León and Paul Lightfoot is symbolic of the choreographers’ awareness of how the predominance of travel, of moving and of living in an everlasting state of flux has carried through the DNA of our times. The piece is set in a train station based on the art deco waiting room of Basel’s Central Station. Dancers come and go as passersby in transit with the exception of one character who lingers in waiting and watches travelers go by and come back, in a moment frozen in time. For this piece, the music, titled Exiles, has been especially composed by none other than Max Richter.  

Midnight Raga - Marco Goecke