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SAT07/07Festival Montpellier Danse

“Five minutes of the performance is sufficient to be certain: this company is one of the seven wonders in the world of dance”

- Le Figaro on NDT 1

“Flashy, brilliant and with a large reservoir of melancholy.”

- Theaterkrant on NDT 1

Paul Lightfoot
Sol León
Crystal Pite
Marco Goecke

In this programme:

Shut Eye - Sol León & Paul Lightfoot
In their creation for NDT 1 entitled Shut Eye, house choreographers Sol León and Paul Lightfoot have captured their innovative, poetic approach towards contemporary dance once again. The piece takes the audience into the conflicting emotions between two couples: one pas de deux that is seemingly more earthy and dark in glistening black costumes, the other ostensibly lighter and tapping into the everyday. Their expressive energy is distinctively different: from quick and fluid to slow and ostensibly lethargic. These two elements are merged through elaborate group work, and intervened with solos by male dancers that carry the piece into new realms.

Shut Eye - Sol León & Paul Lightfoot

World premiere - Crystal Pite
Crystal Pite’s gripping work is never afraid to explore the body’s full potential, and rarely escapes its relation to the group. Her latest piece, The Statement (2016) on scripted spoken word by
Jonathon Young, had international audiences sitting on the edge of their seats. Pite has been an associate choreographer with the company since 2008.

Crystal Pite

Woke up Blind - Marco Goecke
The songs You and I and The way young lovers do by Jeff Buckley, who died tragically and young, deal with love in different ways: the first is slow, with very stretched-out vocals; the second has fast, almost hectic guitar accompaniment. Both songs form the basis for Marco Goecke’s choreography Woke up Blind. The two female and five male dancers are drawn into an acoustic world in which they exel in contesting with Buckley’s vocal power and his frenetic guitar sounds. Like young lovers, they throw themselves into the unknown regardless of the consequences, driven purely by longing. In Woke up Blind, Goecke has once again managed to reach the core of human emotions through pure, highly complex movement.

Woke up Blind - Marco Goecke