November 3 - December 22, 2016
In light of the Hieronymus Bosch year that marks the 500th anniversary of the medieval painter's death, this NDT 2 programme offers a tryptic of ballets that are inspired by Bosch’s art and extensive use of symbolism.

Giving a creative opportunity to a young new voice, chorographer Jiří Pokorný is invited to create a piece for the second company. In his career so far, Pokorný has already become known for creating elaborate dream worlds. The programme will also show Some Other Time (2014)
by house choreographers Sol León and Paul Lightfoot with black decor pieces seemingly floating across the stage. Out of Breath (2002) by guest choreographer Johan Inger concludes the evening with a strong symbolic piece centered around a curved white wall as a fortress arising from the ground.

This programme is a co-production with Jheronimus Bosch 500.

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THU22/12De Harmonie

“A beautiful end of a moving piece. A single tear rolls down my cheek."

- Dans Magazine about Some Other Time

This is a co-production with Stichting Jheronimus Bosch 500.

Jiří Pokorný
Paul Lightfoot
Sol León
Johan Inger

In this programme:

Humpback Runner (world premiere) - Jiri Pokorny
Former NDT 1 danser Jiri Pokorny debuted as a choreographer in the Korzo/NDT programme Up & Coming Choreographers with the surprising Doze. Subsequently in 2015 he made his debute in the regular programme of NDT 2 Symphysis  with the piece Honeydew Hunt.

"Although Hieronymus Bosch’s work consists of paintings, I see them as pieces of duration, of traveling time. His environments revolved around staging movement in different scenes. This is mostly visible in his triptychs that open like a book that can be read in every possible direction. This particular element inspired me to think about movement and migration in general; a never ending f low of time and space."

Assistant to the choreographer: Nancy Euverink
Music: New composition by Yukari Sawaki performed by Carol Ann
McGowan Hayden Calnin:Introduction; Nothingness Joanna Newsom: Does
Not Suffice Biosphere: Transit, Field
Set and costumers: Jiří Pokorný
Light: Loes Schakenbos
Duration: 25 minutes

Some Other Time (2014) - Sol León & Paul Lightfoot

Some Other Time premiered at the anniversary performance 25 Years León & Lightfoot in 2014. A white floor and black decor pieces that seemingly float across the stage, highlight the refreshing and oppressive feeling that the dancers portray in this ballet. All dressed in black and with a wide variety of pas de deux and solos Some Other Time is an extraordinary exercise for the NDT2 dancers in the emotional dance language that is so characteristic for choreographers Sol León and Paul Lightfoot.

Choreography, Costumes, Décor: Sol León & Paul Lightfoot
Music: Max Richter: Thermodynamics; I was just thinking; Broken Symmetries For Y; When the Northern Lights / Jasper and Louise; A Sudden Manhattan of The Mind; This Picture of Us. P.; Found Song For P.; H Thinks a Journey; Lullaby From The Westcoast Sleepers; So Long Orpheus; Mercy (Violin by Hilary Hahn & Piano by Cory Smythe)
Light: Tom Bevoort
Length of Performance: 24 minutes

Some Other Time - Sol León & Paul Lightfoot

Out of Breath (2002) - Johan Inger

Out of Breath by Johan Inger was created during a tumultuous time in the choreographer’s life when the dramatic birth of his daughter brutally sparked the awareness that life can be extremely fragile from the very start. The piece addresses the ever lingering presence of death, how we tend to forget this is part of our daily lives but also how that anxiety is constantly surpassed by the vibration of life.

Choreography: Johan Inger
Set and Costume: Mylla Ek
Lights: Ellen Ruge
Music: Jacob ter Veldhuis, Lajko Felix


Out of Breath - Johan Inger