March 8 - May 12, 2018
For this NDT 2 programme, the young dancers are exposed to a lexicon of dance languages. They perform Short Cut (1999) by maestro Hans van Manen and Edward Clug’s mutual comfort (2015). Former NDT dancer Marina Mascarell makes her first creation for the company, and the evening also offers a world premiere by house choreographers Sol León and Paul Lightfoot. Sum Thoughts therefore becomes a rich tapestry of lyrical and experimental work by new and established talent.

Live accompanied by musicians from:

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SAT12/05Parkstad Limburg Theaters

"Effortlessly, the dancers fold their knees inward and let their torso undulate, or they rush through a quick allegro of Bach, grimacing and gesticulating, only to suddenly come to a standstill."

- NRC *** on Subtle Dust

"Together with Short Cut, Subtle Dust is one of the jewels of this anniversary programme."

- Leidsch Dagblad

Introduction Talk

Prior to the performances in Zuiderstrandtheater you can attend a free introduction talk.

Get to know more about the company, choreographer, dancers and the performance!

Join us from 7 to 7.30pm at the foyer on the upper floor.


The second company celebrates its 40th anniversary! Starting from the premiere of Sum Thoughts, we celebrate this anniversary on our Facebook page. For no less than 40 days we invite you to take a closer look into our rich archive and present NDT 2’s history through photos, posters and videos. Read more

Hans van Manen
Paul Lightfoot
Sol León
Edward Clug
Marina Mascarell

In this programme:

A hefty flood - Marina Mascarell
Poetic and imaginative Marina Mascarell is able to translate her social commitment through dance. As a choreographer Mascarell has been working with Korzo productions for the past six years.

"The performers have been sharing their wishes, their dreams, the roles they would like to play or be. Through those personal stories we have created this piece, a world of desires. Like La Agrado says in All about my mother by Pedro Almodóvar: ‘You are more  authentic the more you resemble what you have dreamed of being’.”
– Marina Mascarell

In co-creation with the dancers
Assistant to the choreographer: Nina Botkay
Music: Composed by Iras Fajro (AKA Yamila Ríos)
Light: Loes Schakenbos
Costumes: Daphna Munz
Decor: Marina Mascarell
Text: Tess Voelker, Boston Gallacher, Marina Mascarell

A hefty flood - Marina Mascarell

Subtle Dust - Sol León & Paul Lightfoot
Since their first creation for NDT 2 in 1989, Sol León and Paul Lightfoot have made over fifty choreographies for the company. Sum Thoughts presents another world premiere by the renowned choreographic duo.

Assistants to the choreographers:
Nancy Euverink, Rupert Tookey
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantata #12, Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen - BWV 12; Cantata #150, Nach Dir, Herr, Verlanget, Mich - Sinfonia - BWV 150; Toccata in C Minor - BWV 911; Prelude & Fugue in D Minor - BWV 851: arrangeur Alexander Raskatov Cantata #152, Tritt Auf Die Glaubensbahn - Concerto - BWV 152; Violin Concerto #2 In E. Adagio - BWV 1042-2; Bach Goldberg Variations Aria - BWV 988: arrangeur Victor Kissine,  Sleep Whales by Nature Sounds
Light:Tom Bevoort
Video work: Sol León, Paul Lightfoot, Rahi Rezvani
Costumes: Joke Visser, Hermien Hollander
Decor: Sol León & Paul Lightfoot
World premiere: March 8, 2018 Zuiderstrandtheater The Hague
Duration: 28 minutes

Subtle Dust - Sol León & Paul Lightfoot

mutual comfort - Edward Clug
Edward Clug’s choreography is detailed and sharply defined. Often at times, its most distinguishing feature tends to be twitchiness where the bodies flick and jerk so extremely and frequently that it can be interpreted as punctuation; a certain acknowledgment of the beat. As a choreographer, Clug is interested in highlighting the dancer’s individual experience by keeping it fresh in its approach. By doing so, his work leans towards emphasizing a personal experience that arises from the process of creation that is led by illuminating human contradictions, imparting surprising moments of beauty and spontaneous irony..

mutual comfort - Edward Clug

Short Cut - Hans van Manen
Short Cut is a masterpiece from maestro Hans van Manen’s 120 ballets and counting oeuvre, all with his unmistakable signature.

Short Cut - Hans van Manen

Listen to the music
We created a playlist for you with the music from the performance. You can listen to the songs on Spotify and Youtube