In combining the old and new, the classical, the modern and the mysterious and seductive, Straight Around shows a combination of pieces that bring the artistic scope of NDT’s dancers and choreographers to the fore.

Hans van Manen danced with NDT from 1960 to 1963 and from 1961 he led the company as the co-artistic director until his departure in 1971. During this period, Van Manen bloomed into a choreographer with an unprecedented (inter)national allure.
Romanian choreographer Edward Clug is the director of the Slovene National Maribor Theatre in Maribor, Slovenia. In the 2014/2015 season he created his first piece for NDT 2 and will show another world premiere for Straight Around. After the success of Sara in 2013, the Israeli duo Sahron Eyal and Gai Behar come back with a new creation for NDT 2.

Performances in The Hague were part of the Holland Dance Festival.

“Alice Godfrey is impressive and mysterious in the world premiere of the hip Israeli duo Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar. (...) Her pale face and thin movements almost seem tragic, like a fragile crane bird with bruised wrists.”

- de Volkskrant ****, on FEELINGS

“Two men timidly and lovingly look for each other’s hands, referring to the title. In a time of resurgent discourse about sexual orientation this could again be seen as a statement. ”

- de Volkskrant ****, on Handman

“The second work by Van Manen, Solo, is a joyful manifestation of male power and virtuosity.”

- Cultureel persbureau, on Solo

In this programme:

FEELINGS (world premiere)- Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar
Together with musician Ori Lichtik, creators Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar have beenan innovative trio in the contemporary dance world for years. Their multidisciplinary approach leads to creations in which movement, sound and lighting stand side by side, exceeding the borders of ‘tradtional’ contemporary dance. With their work Eyal and Behar create worlds in which physicality takes a ritualistic, hypnotic and highly impressive shapes.

Assistant to the choreographers: Rebecca Hytting
Repetitors: Nancy Euverink, Peter Chu
Music: New composition by Ori Lichtik
Decor: Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar
Costumes: Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar
Light:Tom Visser
Duration: 15 min

Handman(world premiere) - Edward Clug
Handman takes you for a smooth ride on an undriven road, where short encounters unfold between man and woman, women and women, woman and men, men and men and man and Handman. The title refers to a particular moment in the piece, which might go unnoticed. As we pass by, choreographic sequences result in dance situations that are strongly inspired by the musical composition of Milko Lazar and by the genuine experience we shared with the dancers during the creation of this piece.

Music: Milko Lazar: Piano and Drums (2015) Performers: Milko Lazar - piano, Stefan Betko –
drums. Justin Hurwitz & Tim Simonec: Dismissed; Drum & Drone    
Composed and recorded in 2015 - Commissioned by NDT       
Decor and costumes: Edward Clug
Light:Tom Visser
Duration: 20 min 

Solo - Hans van Manen
Hans van Manen created Solo for NDT 2 in 1997. With this seven minute, high pace ballet set to Johann Sebastian Bach’s violin partita, Van Manen made a piece for three dancers who portray a single man reexamining his place in the world. Since the rate of movement is exceptionally high requiring extraordinary timing, the ballet can only be performed by the dancers taking turns.

Staged by: Mea Venema
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita nr. 1 voor viool solo in d mineur (Corrente en Double) (presto) (BWV 1002) - violist: Sigiswald Kuijken
Decor and costumes: Keso Dekker
Light: Joop Caboort
Duration: 7 minutes

Two - Hans van Manen
In Two, two partners find support and counterbalance - both literally and figuratively - in each other. Their relationship is characterized by respect and acceptance, and a resignation to one's fate also plays a part.

Staged by: Mea Venema
Music: Ferruccio Busoni: Berceuse élégiaque opus 42, BV 252a (1909)
Decor and costumes: Keso Dekker
Light: Joop Caboort
Duration:8 min

FEELINGS - Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar

Rehearsal Proof - Edward Clug

Solo - Hans van Manen