December 8-15, 2016
(2014) is an exceptional and exclusive evening entirely devoted to the work of house choreographers Sol León and Paul Lightfoot.

This site-specific choreography will be performed on the Westergasfabriek terrain in Amsterdam and is shown in a newly developed version. Spiritwalking takes the audience out of the traditional theatre space and into the gashouder, a former gasworks in Amsterdam. The ballet is accompanied by music that was especially composed for this piece by Philip Glass, which will be performed live by the Ragazze Quartet.

“In 2014, “Spiritwalking” left an erasable impression, and this time the piece does so again. "

- Leidsch Dagblad

“Nederlands Dans Theater’s Spiritwalking is a tonic for the mind."

- Bachtrack ****

“In an inimitable way León and Lightfoot show the wealth of possibilities that dance can find in Glass' music. And those riches can only be shown with an ensemble at a level of NDT 1."

- De Telegraaf ****

Paul Lightfoot
Sol León

In this programme:

Spiritwalking (2014) - Sol León & Paul Lightfoot

The title Spiritwalking refers to the belief among Native American shamans that the spirit can leave the body for a time, transcend the ego and thus come into closer contact with our true being.

Spiritwalking is living from your whole being, not from the ego. The value and vulnerability of this performance lies in the creative collaboration with varous artistss who all pursue the same goal. Together we create a framework for personal expression of time, space and destination, perfumed with the scent of memories and emotions. A framework that contains special periods of time - from birth to old age, from new to old, from past to future - which all come together to one central point: the present, the now.

Rehearsal Spiritwalking - with music from the Ragazze Quartet

Spiritwalking - Sol León & Paul Lightfoot - NDT 1 Spiritwalking